Creative Tourism in Bulgaria

The Creative Tourism Network® collaborated with the Forum on Creative Tourism organized last March 2d by the Municipality of Gabrovo, in collaboration with the cities of Sofia, Troyan, Veliko Tarnovo and Plovdiv .

The event, headed by the Deputy Minister of Tourism of Bulgaria, Mr. Luben Kanchev and the Mayor of Gabrovo Mrs. Tania Venkova Hristova, gathered experts and practitioners of 12 countries, from Colombia to Thailand, passing through Spain, Austria, Sweden the UK, and of course, Bulgaria, among others.

In this occasion, the Creative Tourism Network® officially recognized the city of Gabrovo as a Creative Friendly Destination® for its assets in terms of cultural and creative resources, as well as for its proactive engagement to create an eco-system between the tourism and other sectors like culture and education among others.

This was also the opportunity for the experts as well as for tour operators and journalists to participate in a creative trip through the cities of Gabrovo, Sofia, Troyan, Veliko Tarnovo and Plovdiv and discover this way the experiences they offer to the new generation of travelers eager to participate in authentic and unique activities.

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UNWTO Silk Road Forum at ITB Berlin

Last March 8th, the Creative Tourism Network® and the Phoenicians’Route (Rotta Dei Fenici) had the honor to present their partnership within the Silk Road Tour Operators Forum organized by the UNWTO at the ITB Berlin.  

This session gathered international tourism experts with Silk Road knowledge to engage and work with the international travel trade, which offered the opportunity to highlight the multiple areas influencing tourism development along the historic routes.

The creative tourism is one of them that enables to offer the visitors an holistic and meaningful experience of the cultural sites, as well as to empower the local communities by involving them in the co-creation of experiences, based on their intangible heritage and personal knowledges.

The partnership with the Phoenicians’ Route offers thus an example of this.

Our congratulations to the organizers for this very relevant and dynamic event.

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Creative Tourism in Reykjavik

ast February 23rd, the Creative Tourism Network® had the honor to speak within the European Cities Marketing Spring Conference held in Reykjavik.

Under the theme “Hack the City“, the hundreds of DMO attending the event was challenged to “a change of mindset and tools to stimulate and facilitate urban development and innovation in the visitor economy”.

The Creative Tourism appeared thus as a tool for DMO’s to both seduce the new generation of travelers and create a value chain for the territories, independently of the destination’s features.

Our congratulations go to the co-organizers of such high-level and at the same time, friendly event!

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Creative Tourism in Ecuador

The director of the Creative Tourism Network® will speak within the International Communication and Tourism Marketing Conference, to be held in Quito, next June 11-12.

This unprecedented and innovative event in Ecuador, aimed at the tourism industry and proposes to analyze tourism trends to enhance services, products and destinations, through the implementation of various tools such as storytelling, marketing digital, the development of products such as gastronomy and creative tourism.

The event will feature speakers and experts from: Spain, United States, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador, who will share their experiences and knowledge in different areas.

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Launching of the campaign Visit Empordanet 2018

Last April 21st, the Empordanet presented its campaign 2018, with a wide offer of creative tourism activities!  Located between Girona and Barcelona , the Empordanet is the ideal destination to experience the local culture and feel inspired, by participating in ceramic or crafts workshops, artistic retreats, cooking classes, wine tasting, photographic seminaries, among many others!  

Its charming towns and villages surrounded by unique landscapes generously share their tangible and intangible century heritage as well as the friendliness of their inhabitants! 

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Creative Tourism Workshop within the

Master in Heritage and Cultural Projects for Development

As every year, we had the pleasure to conduct a workshop on creative tourism within the Master Degree in World Heritage and Cultural Projects for Development, organized by the University of Barcelona, the University of Torino and the International Formation Center of the OIT, in collaboration with UNESCO’s Center of World Heritage; both organizations are part of the United Nations.

It was such a privilege to work with students, proceeding from Italy, Spain, Brasil, Colombia, Perú, Ecuador, Chile, Mexico and Guinea-Bisseau on the co-creation of their own projects!

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Performing Tours in creative destinations

Like Barcelona, other destinations of the Creative Tourism Network(R) welcome and offer their support to performing tours. Please, contact us for further details. 



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