3 new CreativeFriendly labels!

  • The Creative Tourism Network® has just created three new labels to distinguish essential agents for the booming sector of creative tourism.

Through the CreativeFriendlyTravelAgent, CreativeFriendlyTourOperator and CreativeFriendlyTravelAdvisor, the CTN guarantees the quality and relevance of the services provided by these professionals when proposing creative experiences that not only respond to the demands of new generations of travelers, but also contribute to create value for the territories and their communities.

The Creative Tourism Network® aims to create an ecosystem for this sector worldwide and foster a virtuous circle whose benefits extend, beyond tourism, to the fields of arts, crafts, creative industries, or agriculture to name just a few.

In this way, the Creative Tourism Network® works with destinations of all kinds, which want to position themselves internationally, turning their intangible heritage and their human wealth into authentic and creative experiences that allow the traveler to know, understand and immerse themselves in the local culture. This differential offer generates a sustainable development and management of the destination, creating added values ​​to the co-creation process itself. One of these is undoubtedly the diversification of the professional competences that the Creative Tourism Network® provides to local communities through training seminars given within the framework of the Creative Tourism Academy.

Thus, Agencies, Tour Operators and Travel Advisors that incorporate co-designed experiences in CreativeFriendly certified destinations by the Creative Tourism Network®, will receive the same badge, and will be promoted as such by the CTN.

A guarantee for travelers who bet on this new tourism and human creativity as the most sustainable resource.