Cannes creative friendly destination

Cannes is known worldwide for its Film Festival and its magnificent bay. But beyond the image and the postcard landscape, Cannes reveals an authentic and friendly soul to those who take the time to discover it.

The cultural richness of Cannes, its heritage – tangible and intangible – and the strength of its local craftsmanship are all assets that have enabled it to obtain the label “Creative Friendly Destination” in 2023.

Cannes is where you would not expect it to be, with experiential offers for all tastes, all year round.  



Some of the creative experiences proposed by the city of Cannes

  • Upcycling workshop with Résines Esterel Azur which proposes to make kitchen aprons and bags from tarpaulins of the city’s events.
  • Ceramic tableware modeling workshop with a local artist.
  • Family candle making workshop.
  • Organic wine tasting on the island of Saint-Honorat.
  • Discovery and tasting of local products at the Forville market.