The Municipality of Valparaíso, through its Tourism Department, has joined the CreativeTourismNetwork® to improve and diversify the arrival of tourists and more specifically out of season.

By receiving the CreativeFriendly label, the city is positioning itself internationally in front of new generations of tourists, who are looking for unique experiences.

The creative DNA of Valparaíso is undeniable and it is precisely this asset and its ability to use creativity as a driver of tourism development that makes the city unique and attractive for both creative tourists and tour operators. That’s why, by joining the CreativeTourismNetwork®, Valparaíso is becoming a trend destination, recommended for the more than 10,000 affiliated tour operators and journalists. In addition, the city joins the circle of destinations such as Medellin, Barcelona or Bangkok, which share the same philosophy.

In this new program, the mayor of Valparaíso, Jorge Sharp Fajardo, highlighted the efforts of the municipality to support tourism activity. For Sharp, “It’s another attraction that’s important to point out. Valparaíso is an exceptional city whose inhabitants shine through their creativity, in the streets, in their art, in their daily life. We invite you to know Valparaíso’s creativity through its businesses, its premises, its gastronomy, its way of living and living in the city. With this step, we want to tell the world that we are a living, moving, thinking, innovative city that we can enjoy at any time! “

After years of growth, tourism in Valparaíso has stood out thanks to its creative experiences and this new collaboration offers an international projection.

Caroline Couret, the founder of Creative Tourism Network® (CNT), who went to Valparaíso to formalize the city’s membership of the network, said that “destinations also rely on creative tourism to address the negative externalities associated with tourism, such as, for example, seasonality, and transforming them into a value chain for the destination through training, entrepreneurial development, preservation and transmission of intangible heritage, social cohesion and, ultimately, an ecosystem between different sectors, with tourism as an engine “.

The CreativeFriendly certification issued by the CNT, supported by the Corfo Valparaíso Creativo program, provides various tools, such as advice and the design of marketing strategies aimed at attracting tourists looking for creative markets such as workshops, itineraries or still artistic collectives. Networking with destinations sharing the same objectives also enhances their attractiveness and creative development.

A wide range of creative experiences is already available and will soon be complemented by new experiences co-created by the locals.

Enjoy Valparaíso and feel inspired!

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