Creative Tourism Awards

Created by the Creative Tourism Network®, the Creative Tourism Awards aim to reward companies, projects, and destinations worldwide that foster this new generation of tourism, characterized by the active participation of the tourists in artistic and creative activities.

Internationally recognized for its action in favor of a more innovative and sustainable tourism, the Creative Tourism Network® works with a panel of prestigious experts headed by Professor Greg Richards, co-inventor of the creative tourism concept, in order to determine and guarantee the respect of the Best Practices of the Creative Tourism.

Thus, the international jury of the Creative Tourism Awards selects every year five winners among hundreds of initiatives and destinations that highlight for their commitment to this emerging sector.

Are particularly appreciated the authenticity and creativity of the proposals, as well as the promoters’ interest in involving locals and tourists in the co-creation of their experiences. Besides the recognition, the winners are offered tools and services in terms of promotion.

Please, discover the focuses that fit your application and increase your chances! Your lodging offer is creative, but also meets the criteria of “rural tourism” and “kids friendly” ? Maximize your chances by completing your application as Best Creative Residency with as many modalities as you wish!

Best Creative Destination

Whether it’s a village, a megalopolis, an island or a rural area, if your destination radiates a vibrant atmosphere, capable of inspiring renowned artists as well as creative tourists, if your intangible heritage and know-how are attractive to both residents and foreign visitors, if your political decision-makers have created a virtuous ecosystem that involves both communities and public authorities… then your destination could be the one! There are plenty of focus areas to apply for!

Best Strategy for Creative Tourism Development

Whether you’re a private consultant, a DMO or more generally a creative thinker, this category aims to reward the best strategies, whether already implemented or not, that use Creative Tourism as a lever for sustainable development. This category is open to previous studies, projects already completed or in progress.

Best Creative Travel Agency – Tour operator

Does your travel agency or tour operator offer creative, alternative tourism? Do you offer your customers the chance to enjoy creative and authentic experiences that, at the same time, benefit local life? Whether your business is large or small, you could be one of the winners.

Best Creative Travel Planner – Travel Advisor

Do you offer creative and authentic experiences in the composition of your tailor-made trips? If you’re keen to offer trips that put people and sharing at the heart of their experience, don’t hesitate to send us your application!

Best Creative Lodging

Whether your accommodation is a campsite, a glamping site, an inn, a rural B&B, a five-star hotel or an eco-lodge, the essential thing is that it’s creative! What is your storytelling, your customer experience, and above all, what creative activities do you offer your guests? If you’ve read this far, you’ve certainly got a chance in this category and its many specific focuses!

Best Creative Experience

Whether you’re an artist, a craftsman, an art school or a company, what’s important is the Creative Tourism experience or experiences you offer! Are dance, music, crafts, textiles, food or wine at the heart of your workshops, through which tourists can learn about the local culture from the locals? This is the category for you! And don’t forget to select specific focuses that will multiply your chances of winning!

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International promotion campaign.