Walk to know Barcelos is an annual program that integrates the Municipal tourist experiences promotion, here nature, drawing of photography lovers will find different proposals to get to know the territory, as eg. walk along the river Cávado shores; walk along the river Neiva and its windmills; discover the ponds of Enxate or Caíde, or unveil the secrets of river Cávado by considering doing a boat trip in your journey; experience the majestic scenic hill of Franqueira and many more beauties of our county. But this program is much more, because it is adapted to all tourists to experience other local elements of identity such as eg. the trails of the Apples (Porta da Loja) or the trails of the chestnuts, created to promote interactions between tourists and local communities. This activities are also inspirational for sketch tourism enthusiasts and a delicious sensory experience for photography tourism fans.