There’s nothing like a cold, breezy day in Baguio City—especially for creatives and nestled in the mountains of Cordillera, Baguio City is a home and refuge for locals and visitors alike. It’s a breeding ground for business and a beacon of creativity in Northern Luzon. Despite it being located in the mountains, it’s a highly urbanized city on its own and features a bustling community. Over the years, the City serves as a landmark place for intimate celebrations, vacations, and gatherings that bring families and friends closer. The city is home to impressive art installations, buildings that exude modern artistry, and various creative shops that supports artists from all walks of life. Baguio’s Creative Cities Council aims to give ample exposure to the silver crafts industry, weaving, wood carving, and cultural performance, and literature that’s widely practiced and seen all over Baguio. Partner that with the different landmarks and new places that have sprung up since Baguio’s modernization started a couple of years ago, vacations and quality time will definitely mean more than it ever did in Baguio City. That’s what makes it more than a city. It’s a home. Everyone’s home—creatives and non-creatives alike.

Creative experiences

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