Become a member

Who can be a member of
the Creative Tourism Network®?

There are two types of memberships:


  • The Creative Friendly Destinations: represented by the DMOs or local administration (City Council, Direction of Tourism, Department of Culture, Ministry, etc.). This membership recognizes the exclusivity of the destination.
    Important! No matter whether your destination is a small village, a town, an island, a rural area, a winter destination, a metropolis
  • Its value relies on its intangible heritage, its authenticity, its creativity, and people’s friendliness! See examples.
  • The Creative Tourism platforms, managed by private entities (temporarily inactive – Apologies).


In both cases, we invite you to contact us even if your project is not created yet. It will be our pleasure to help you!




Why be a member?

Your membership to the Creative Tourism Network® offers you the possibility:

  • to launch and promote a Creative Tourism program in a short time,
  • for a (very) low budget,
  • to create value for the territory, and
  • to position your destination internationally to the new generation of travelers.

Membership benefits (included in the membership fee):

  • CREATIVE FRIENDLY DESTINATION label and use of the corresponding logo.
  • Personal advice and projects’ follow-up (by e.mail or video chat if remotely).
  • Conference or webinar on creative tourism (travel expenses not included).
  • Discounts on on-demand training delivered by the CREATIVE TOURISM ACADEMY.
  • Opportunity to organize a CREATIVE TOURISM NETWORK® event in your destination.
  • High and quick visibility of your destination within the international Creative Tourism market (B2B & B2C) thanks to our tailored communication and promotion services. Among them:
  • .

    • Creation and updates of each destination’s micro-site on our website, translated into 6 languages.
    • Community management in 6 languages adapted to each member’s specificities and aims.
    • Promotion of your destination’s news and offers in the monthly Newsletters sent to 10.000 international targets: specialized tour operators, cultural organizations, thematic communities(foodies, crafters, dance and music lovers, etc…), journalists, etc.
    • International and tailored press campaigns,
    • Promotion in fairs, congresses, and conferences.
    • Collaborations with tour operators, companies, media, etc.
    • Strategic partnerships with international companies and organizations.

The members are also invited to submit new projects and actions to the CREATIVE TOURISM NETWORK®.


How to apply?

  • First of all, should you have any doubt about joining the network, please feel free to contact usat your convenience. We can schedule a chat. We love brainstorming!
  1. If everything looks clear for you, please fill out the application form and send it to
    (For Private Entities, please visit the specific page). (inactive for now)
  2. Your application will be assessed by our Committee. The resolution is given within a couple of weeks.
  3. Once approved and the administrative procedures have been completed (fulfilling your administrative requirements), we are at your disposal to define your priorities and overcome your expectations!
  4. We invite you to contact us at any moment to hear your suggestions and exchange creative ideas!


How much will it cost me?

Not so much! You’ll be surprised!

The membership includes all the services mentioned before (Benefits), which means that it can cover the implementation of the project. 

Cost depends on the characteristics of your destination, that’s we invite you to contact us by e-mail so that we can give you an approximation.

But we can advance you that it is between 800 and 1.400 €.


DEMO request for my destination



This label, officially granted by the CreativeTourismNetwork® aims to distinguish the destinations that are committed to creative tourism, while respecting their good practices and creating a value chain throughout the process of implementation and promotion.

Creative Friendly Destination Label



Not implemented yet?

    • Is it possible for a destination to join the Creative Tourism Network® if its creative tourism program is not implemented yet?

Yes! Our Committee first assesses the potential of the destination to develop creative tourism, on the base of the information filled in the application form. Depending on the level of progress, we will help you or propose specific services (consultancy, training, promotion).

Need a specific website?

  • Does the destination need to create a specific website for the creative tourism segment?

No. The DMO generally gathers the creative tourism experiences in a section of the existing tourist board website, specifically named “Creative Tourism …”. This section is linked to the micro-site created by the CTN.

Management guaranteed?

  • How does the CTN guarantee community management?

The CTN undertakes community management by focusing on each destination’s creative tourism segment. This one is previously analyzed and the destination is advised on the way of optimizing its impact on the international creative tourism market. However, the community management of each destination’s program is mainly assumed by the CTN.