The Ecuadorian capital, which was the first city to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, stands out for its exceptional architecture, its location in the middle of the World, its gastronomy, its arts and crafts, its people and its dynamics. So many elements that make it now also a pioneer destination in tourism and orange economy.

Indeed, visiting Quito, is to travel several destinations in one. To experience it is to have the opportunity to live an infinite number of unique experiences, in urban or rural environments, knowing their traditions or their creative industries, sharing privileged moments with their inhabitants.

The experiences designed by Quito Tourism, within the framework of the QUITO CREATIVE TOURISM program, invite you to live the local culture in the first person, from its worldwide recognized Quito School, to the design coworking spaces of La Floresta or community tourism in Yunguilla, passing by the chocolate, coffee or craft beer workshops.

These experiences are the result of a rigorous work promoted by Quito Tourism, in order to guarantee maximum authenticity and creativity and also create a value chain that benefits all the communities and sectors of the city and its surroundings.

These achievements have led the Quito destination to receive the CreativeFriendly label, officially awarded by the Creative Tourism Network® to destinations that are committed to tourism and the creative economy, and to demonstrate a real implication in the development of Good Practices of Creative Tourism. In this sense, the Network’s director, Caroline Couret, highlighted the relevant role that Quito is developing when positioning itself as a reference for this new tourism model worldwide. Indeed, the program was already promoted at the World Travel Market in London 2019 and at FITUR2020, arousing the interest of international markets.

As highlighted in FITUR, the Marketing Director of Quito Tourism, Ms. María Belén Pacheco C., the offer, newly created in collaboration with the city’s private sector, responds to the new travel trends set by the Millennials and covers all the artistic and cultural fields of the city, in order to reflect its DNA, its identity and promote interaction with the inhabitants. Thus, the creative travelers will have the opportunity to participate in a craft beer workshop in the same city that was, in the 16th century, the first in America to make his beer from the Franciscans. In the same way, activities related to coffee or chocolate will be endowed, in addition to the culinary, with a cultural and social dimension. Andean music will become a common language among locals and visitors, not to mention the wide range of arts and crafts offered by initiations in their Historical Center workshops, to name just a few of the proposed experiences.

This offer, which is already very diverse and attractive, will be expanded with the active participation of local communities, always using creativity as a means of development and empowerment.

Couret concluded, the sustainability of the Quito Creative Tourism program is more than guaranteed since creativity is the only resource that expands when used.

Quito, which also demonstrates leadership in other sectors, has now undoubtedly added the color orange!