The Portuguese city of Barcelos seduces FITUR with its creative tourism offer

The Portuguese city of Barcelos (North of Portugal), which has just received the “CreativeFriendlyDestination” label from the Creative Tourism Network®, presented its creative tourism offer at the International Tourism Fair FITUR (Madrid).

Already known to be the birthplace of the Barcelos Rooster, emblem of Portugal, as well as for its long tradition around crafts and popular arts, for which it became a Creative City of UNESCO, Barcelos initiated its collaboration with the Creative Tourism Network® with the presentation of a wide variety of creative tourism experiences related to ceramics, embroidery, weaving, dances and traditional expressions, gastronomy, oenology, as well as its offer intended for performing tours, eager to perform concerts in its heritage buildings.

Hundreds of visitors – professionals and the general public – had the opportunity to discover the wide choice of activities and even paint their own rooster, in the company of local artists. An experience and an invitation to enjoy Barcelos, all year round, and in the best way!

The Creative Tourism Network® higlhy recommends Barcelos, in addition to its creative offer, for its model of sustainable development created throughout the territory.

About Barcelos’ Creative Tourism offer:

Barcelos’ unique culture, nature and traditions have many experiences to offer:

…From learning the traditional music and dances,

…To the experience the culinary arts of cooking the rooster, lamprey, cod, or the delicious pastries,

…To unveil all the secrets of the traditional wines – Vinhos Verdes, in the many local wineries,

…The nature lovers will enjoy the creative and meaningful walks along the St James Way,

Experiential and creative tourism will show you the way to Barcelos!

Paint the “Barcelos’ Rooster”

 20200122_110546The Imagery is incomparable to any other artisanal production in Barcelos due to its unique features. It is a production of excellence, of which the most common pieces are related to religion and celebrations, everyday life or beasts, among others, with the Rooster of Barcelos in the spotlight. With these workshops, tourists will be able to mold their own clay figurines and paint them with colors that reflect their soul!


trad.dances-barcelosTraditional music and dances workshop

To experience local folklore is to go far beyond music and dance, it means to meet local history, traditions and culture. It is a very enriching experience for all participants and visitors.

imageryBarcelos Imagery workshop

Barcelos Imagery started as a subsidiary activity of pottery, using small portions of clay and occupying the spaces left free in the oven by the main set of pieces of bigger dimensions. They were small figures shaped in the form of people and animals and on their base was placed a whistle or some musical instruments (harmonica, nightingales,…). In this workshop, tourists will  be able to create their own pieces.

Barcelos_Templo_do_S_Bom_Jesus_da_Cruz1364_(rotated)Performing Tours

Barcelos vast heritage sites, landscapes and magnificent viewpoints is an ideal place for touring performing artists. The city center beautiful gothic and baroque churches, the ruins of the palace of the Counts, or the river shores, often become stages for concerts of national and international artists, but all over the very extended council territory, churches, ancient convents, scenic hilltops or along the famous StJamesWay, there are fabulous sites for concert lovers.

The Festival of the Crosses

Battle of the Flowers May 1stThis festival is the local most important and symbolic traditional festivity of the year. It mixes perfectly the profound religious spirit, common of the these people, with the ethnographic and popular events. In this event tourists are invited to take part on battle and blend with the true festive local spirit. This activity is also a “must” for sketch tourism passionates as the city center becomes the perfect backdrop for the most fantastic and colorful drawings.

Culinary Arts WorkshopsCooking workshop

The richness of Barcelos cuisine, allows a varied program of activities throughout the year, sustained on the richness and quality of the local culinary arts and on the excellence of the local restaurants. The experience turns around the annual program “7 Pleasures of Gastronomy” where tourists can participate in the preparation of some of the local most renowned dishes, tidbits or even make their own traditional corn bread cooked a wooden-stove.

Ceramic and crafts workshops

Crafts and Folk Arts WorkshopsBarcelos is undoubtedly a land of ceramists. All year round, tourists are welcomed to discover the art of working on the potters wheel, create their own clay crockery or imagery. Barcelos is also a land of embroiders, carpenters, blacksmiths and basketmakers. Artisans and arts that are alive and well. The workshops of the local experienced artisans are open for people to discover their arts and become more than a curious spectator, by experiencing different creations and techniques.

Wine experiences

Vines and Wines ExperiencesWine is one of the local major productions, Barcelos is located in the heart of the Vinho Verde demarcated region. To visit the local wineries is to discover the true alchemist spirit behind all the wine-making. Immerse yourself in this unique world, learn more about its history, production techniques and styles of wines, and most of all enjoy them!