Creative Tourism in Colombia

The Creative Tourism Network® was honored to participate in the Cultural Tourism Meeting, which was held from November 13 to 15 in the Colombian city of Popayán (Cauca).

The world leadership of Colombia in the area of Orange Economy was once again evidenced, both by the relevance of the reflections and examples presented and by the joint work of the sectors of culture, tourism, and creativity.

Indeed, the event was organized within the framework of a partnership between the Ministry of Culture, with its Vice-Ministry of Creativity and Orange Economy, the Ministry of Commerce, with its Vice-Ministry of Tourism, and the Mayor’s Office of Popayán.

This collaboration demonstrates Colombia’s pioneering commitment to create synergies between these sectors and to differentiate its tourism offer with creative tourism proposals that allow creating a value chain in each territory.

Several working groups between cultural and tourist actors were organized within the framework of the meeting, giving outstanding importance to the participation of the communities.

The excellence of the event was reflected both in the relevance of the presentations and in the programming of cultural samples characteristic of all regions, which offered attendees a vision of Colombia’s heritage diversity and respect for their communities. 

The Vice Minister of Tourism, Julián Guerrero, highlighted the value created throughout the country thanks to the commitment to creative tourism, which allows the position of each region thanks to an offer differential based on its intangible heritage and the creativity of its communities.

International experts shared their knowledge related to cultural tourism, heritage conservation, storytelling, cultural policies, and creative tourism. (please, see detailed program).

Dr. José Antonio Donaire, from the University of Girona, opened the doors of “Fu-Tourism” with disruptive and inspiring reflections, Dr. Daniela Angelina Jelinčić (Croatia), led the audience in a brilliant storytelling about the union between culture and tourism, while the director of the Creative Tourism Network®, Caroline Couret, shared good practices of destinations, worldwide, that are betting on creative tourism.

Thematic panels generated reflections and very relevant discussions about the challenges and opportunities offered by the design of experiences, the preservation, and attraction of heritage and the empowerment of local communities.

The conclusions emphasized the guidelines of the Cultural Tourism Policy of Colombia as another innovative strategy of the country!

Finally, the event was closed with the organization of artistic and creative workshops organized by the excellent School of Arts and Office  – “Escuela Taller” of Popayán, in which local, national and international assistants actively participated.

From the Creative Tourism Network®, we want to congratulate the organizers for the resounding success of this event as well as all the programs and actions implemented towards the development of creative and orange tourism.

Congratulations also for the perfect organization of the event in which both the relevance and rigor of the shared knowledge were appreciated, as well as the sensitivity in involving all the actors that are part of these new artistic and creative bets.

And of course, to thank you all for your so warm welcome!

It was also great happiness to discover the magnificent and endearing city of Popayán, its great cultural wealth, its dynamism and its hospitality.

Congratulations and many thanks to everyone!