Creative tourism in Argentina

The director of the Creative Tourism Network® had the honor to share a keynote within the prestigious FIT – International Tourism Fair , held lat October 7th in Buenos Aires.

The FIT is a referent for the tourist industry, especially in South America, and for this reason, it made sense to share experiences and good practices with stakeholders of such a creative continent!

The attendees learnt from projects and destinations from around the world, that bet on the creative tourism to fit this new growing market, as well as to create a value chain for their territory, be they urban, rural, insular and so on.

It is obvious that Argentina owns a huge potential to develop this kind of tourism while promoting its high diversity of cultures just using creativity. That’s why it was very significant to do the session in such a relevant frame and to meet delegates from all over the country.

We seize this opportunity to congratulate again the organization of the FIT and FAEVYT, and to thank them all as well as our Argentinian friends for they so excellent reception.