Once again Gabrovo proved that it is the capital of humour and satire with a spectacular edition of its iconic Carnival in May. Over 40,000 people from all over the country gathered in the city to enjoy a colourful procession full of witty sketches, colourful costumes and infectious energy, impressive concerts and many initiatives and entertainment for children.

The carnival procession, which took place along the city’s main streets, was held under the motto “Make Carnival, Not War”. More than 2,000 people took part in the nearly two-hour procession, dressed in original costumes and playing different roles in the 72 so-called “carnival paintings” with messages of peace and unity. With their colourful costumes and graceful movements, the participants from the Chinese province of Quanzhou attracted particular attention. The competition part of the carnival attracted enthusiasts from all over the country, and an authoritative jury will determine the winners.

This year’s carnival also featured 20 giant figures on moving floats, crafted with great skill and humour, bringing to life iconic scenes from current political life. There was also no shortage of cheeky satirical references to popular personalities and events of the past year.

The atmosphere of joy was complemented by the musical programme, which included concerts by well-known performers.

In the days leading up to the carnival, workshops were organised for the making of carnival masks to provoke the creative and imaginative potential of residents and visitors.

With its rich history and unique atmosphere, the Gabrovo Carnival has established itself as an emblem of humour and satire and a platform of free spirit and creativity. It is not just entertainment, but also a witty form of social criticism that makes us think and laugh at ourselves.