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To experience Barcelos is to feel the Heart of Minho, a land of traditions, delicious food, green landscapes, surrounded everywhere by smallscale farming, where creativity, arts and crafts are prominent activities. 

The city of Barcelos, built around the tradition in crafts and folk arts, owns an undeniable history and cultural heritage of great social value. This is well reflected in the craftsmanship work in various arts, such as clay, embroidery, weaving, timber, iron, leather, wicker and in the contemporary arts. County town with just under 120,000 inhabitants, Barcelos creates a strong bond between the local residents and the crafts community, paving the way for a sustainable creative sector.

Ceramists are among the most numerous and internationally represented as Barcelos is known for being the cradle of the Rooster of Barcelos (Galo de Barcelos); the Portuguese emblem and symbol of good faith and justice and the most popular tourist symbols of Portugal.

Barcelos bets on the creative interactions, through hands-on workshops, where tourists and visitors can have the opportunity to learn an art and became creators.

Barcelos’ unique culture, nature and traditions have many experiences to offer:

– From learning the traditional music and dances;

– To the experience the culinary arts of cooking the rooster, lamprey, cod, or the delicious tidbits and pastries,

– or to unveil all the secrets of the traditional wines – Vinhos Verdes, in the many local wineries;

The nature lovers will enjoy the creative walks in the forest, along the countryside or on the river shores …

… and meaningful paths such as the very ancient St James Way,

Experiential and creative tourism will show you the way to Barcelos!




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