Medellín new CreativeFriendlyDestination® 

We are proud to announce that the City of Medellin has joined the Creative Tourism Network® as a new Creative Friendly Destination.

The colombian metropolis is a paradigm for the creative tourism thanks to its rich offer of both traditional and innovative experiences.Further details will be revealed soon. Stay tuned!

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The province of Azuay joins the Creative Tourism Network 

On the 1st of June in Cuenca (Ecuador),  Azuay prefect, Paul Carrasco, announced the incorporation of the province of Azuay in the Creative Tourism Network®, within the framework of the internationalization forum organized by the prefecture of Azuay, GPA Tours and Spheramundus.

This project will highlight Azuay's intangible heritage and position this destination within the creative tourism sector.  Read more.


Creative Tourism Workshop in Venice

Last May 12th we had the pleasure to go back to Mira (Venice), to conduct a workshop on creative tourism within the Master in Economy and Tourism Management, of the CISET - Centro Internazionale di Studi sull'Economia Turistica (University Ca' Foscari Venezia).

Along the session, the students could acquire konwledge on creative tourism management  and design their own projects.


Creative Tourism Awards

Call for entries

You are involved in Creative Tourism projects and you consider you deserve an award?

Here are the categories you can apply to: 

Best Strategy for Creative Tourism Development

Best Creative Destination

Best Creative Travel Agency

Best Creative Residency

Best Creative Experiences

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“Creating & Managing Experiences in Cultural Tourism” 

Šibenik, Croatia  21-25 June

The Creative Tourism Network®  is pleased to  have participated at the conference on  “Creating and Managing Experiences in Cultural Tourism” held in Šibenik (Croatia) from 21-25 June 2017. The conference, organazed by the International Children’s Festival of Šibenik and the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO), Zagreb, will provide theoretical and practical backgrounds on experience economy applied in tourism. This entails a wide range of papers addressing cultural heritage, creative industries and contemporary culture complemented with innovative examples of experience creation and management which attract cultural tourism markets. The relevance of emotional branding is also brought forward which confirms successful and sustainable conciliation of culture and tourism industry.

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Mr. Hugo Nunes, Vice-President of Loulé City Council,

talks about Loulé Criativo

Loulé Criativo is undoubtedly one of the best of creative tourism program . The portuguese town, located in the portuguese region of Algarve, has known how to create a chain of value while turning into a creative tourism destination.  Mr. Hugo Nunes, Vice-President of Loulé City Council, gave us further details about this project. Read here.


Ibiza Council provides trainings to the local stakeholders

Through the program Ibiza Creativa, the Ibiza Island Council is strongly betting in the creative tourism as a new unseasonal quality tourism offer. This quality is guaranteed by the chain of value produced along the training sessions and personalized assesments, the Council is offering to the local stakeholders in partnership with the five municipalities. One of them took place last May 23rd, within which the artists, craftsmen, farmers and other local entrepreneurs willing to propose creative experiences to the tourists, were personally advised by law consultants.  


CREATOUR, The State of the Art in Creative Tourism 

The  Creative Tourism Network®, participated at the CREATOUR Conference, held last June 1st & 2d  in Curia (Coimbra), a great opportunity to share knowledges in this field with international researchers and practitionners.  

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Good news for T.O.,

Travel Agencies and members of CTN

In addition of the guarantee to propose tourist experiences that have been designed by experts in creative tourism, the tour operators and travel agencies that will include offers from our destinations members will benefit special visibility through the Creative Tourism Network®'s channels.

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 Master in Heritage and Cultural Projects for Development:

Open registrations

As every year, we had the pleasure to conduct a workshop on creative tourism within the Master in Heritage and Cultural Projects for Development , a program organized by the University of Barcelona, the University of Torino and the International Formation Center of the OIT, in collaboration with UNESCO’s Center of World Heritage; both organizations are part of the United Nations.

We highly recommend this Master for its quality and practical application. Registrations are opened. + Info  


UOC MA in Sustainable Tourism and ICT

Creative Tourism, Creative Destinations

The Creative Tourism Network® is pleased to collaborate with the UOC MA in Sustainable Tourism and ICT - Creative Tourism, Creative Destinationsinnovative online training through which international students can develop their knowledges in this emerging sector, as well as to work on practical cases.+info


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