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International Conference 

Sustainable Tourism and new urban agenda


International meeting of local governments, experts and operators committed to the challenge of ensuring the sustainability of tourism and urban development, with special focus on creative tourism.

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Ibiza Creativa's chain of value

Ibiza Creativa, the Ibiza creative tourism program has been organizing trainings in each of its five municipalities in order to support the local entrepreneurs in the design of marketable creative tourism experiences. More than hundred artists, artesans and entrepreneurs have benefit from this sessions and will shortly offer the guarantee of the most authentic and original proposals.  We've met the President of the  program is is creating a chain of value through the development of theIbiza Island Council, M./D. Vicente Torres Guasch, to know further about this program and the chain of value it generates.

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The Empordanet joins the network!

Last Friday 24 March, The Empordanet (Catalonia) was nominated "Creative Friendly Destination" by the  Creative Tourism Network®.

Under the name "Visit Empordanet", the municipalities of  la Bisbal d'Empordà, Forallac, Cruïlles, Monells i Sant Sadurní de l'Heura, Corçà i Ullastret and have created a program of creative tourism as part of their strategic plan for the local economic development, in order to make more visible the tourist offer linking tourism and crafts, within the international markets. And no doubt that the Empordanet has all the ingredients to attract creative tourists from all over the world.

“beyond its natural beauty, the  Empordanet area owns tangible and intangible cultural assets to become a creative tourism destination, as well as the voluntee  and vision  to clearly  position the destination in this growing segment worldwide. “

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Good news for T.O.,

Travel Agencies and members of CTN

In addition of the guarantee to propose tourist experiences that have been designed by experts in creative tourism, the tour operators and travel agencies that will include offers from our destinations members will benefit special visibility through the Creative Tourism Network®'s channels.

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 Master in Heritage and Cultural Projects for Development:

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As every year, we had the pleasure to conduct a workshop on creative tourism within the Master in Heritage and Cultural Projects for Development , a program organized by the University of Barcelona, the University of Torino and the International Formation Center of the OIT, in collaboration with UNESCO’s Center of World Heritage; both organizations are part of the United Nations.

We highly recommend this Master for its quality and practical application. Registrations are opened. + Info  


UOC MA in Sustainable Tourism and ICT

Creative Tourism, Creative Destinations

The Creative Tourism Network® is pleased to collaborate with the UOC MA in Sustainable Tourism and ICT - Creative Tourism, Creative Destinationsinnovative online training through which international students can develop their knowledges in this emerging sector, as well as to work on practical cases.+info


Creative Cities, Sustainable Tourism, 

The creative tourism, an ally for your application ... 

Whether you are currently applyinig for responsible tourism grants, creative cities programs, or cooperation funds, be sure that the creative tourism can provide sustainable and innovative contents to your projects. 

Please feel free to  contact us for further informations or documents. 


Save the date: June 1 - 2

CREATOUR Conference


The Creative Tourism Network® is pleased to collaborate with the International Conference:The State of the Art in Creative Tourism to be held next June 1 - 2 in Curia (Coimbra, Portugal). 

The conference, organized within the program CREATOUR, aims to bring together leading creative tourism researchers with creative tourism bodies and practitioners to outline “the state of the art” – the main lines of research and key issues in both the research and practice of creative tourism. 

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Save The Date Conference:

“Creating & Managing Experiences in Cultural Tourism” 

Šibenik, Croatia  21-25 June

The Creative Tourism Network®  is pleased to participate at the conference on  “Creating and Managing Experiences in Cultural Tourism” held in Šibenik (Croatia) from 21-25 June 2017. The conference, organazed by the International Children’s Festival of Šibenik and the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO), Zagreb, will provide theoretical and practical backgrounds on experience economy applied in tourism. This entails a wide range of papers addressing cultural heritage, creative industries and contemporary culture complemented with innovative examples of experience creation and management which attract cultural tourism markets. The relevance of emotional branding is also brought forward which confirms successful and sustainable conciliation of culture and tourism industry.


Indian MagazineTouriosity Travelmag,

Media Partner of CTN!

We are proud to announce our collaboration with the presitigious Indian magazineTouriosity Travelmag, a reference within the indian tourist market.

Every month, a section of Touriosity will be exclusively devoted to the presentation of a destination member of the Creative Tourism Network®, in order to offer the Indian lectors (and travellers) a selection of creative activities and destinations worldwide.

Touriosity will be associated to the events organized by the CTN.

Other partnerships of this kind will be announced soon in other countries.


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