Morrocco receives the Creative Tourism Award

Last January 22th, the Minister of Tourism of Morocco, Mr. Lahcen Haddad received the Creative Tourism Award for the Best Strategy in Creative Tourism Development,  within FITUR-Madrid, for a project presented by the Morrocan Tourism Ingeneering and Investment Society-SMIT.

These awards, created by the Creative Tourism Network®, are designed to reward institutions and private initiatives, worldwide that demonstrate a commitment to creative tourism.

The Jury, composed by international experts in tourism marketing and creative economy higlighted the role of creativity as the core of the tourism development, while meeting the criteria of quality, originality, innovation and sustainability.    Read more



Professionals from around the world

trained in Creative Tourism Management

With the growing international demand for training in creative tourism management, the Creative Tourism Network® has created the International Institute of Creative Tourism – a pioneering program which aims to develop training adapted to this emerging sector, complemented by consultancy and monitoring services.

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Good news for the PERFORMING TOURS!

Whether you are a choir, an orchestra, a band or a tour operator organizing performing tours, you will certainly be happy to learn that the Creative Tourism Network®’s members perfectly know your needs and will help you with the venue research, as well as logistic issues, licences and the promotion of the concerts!

Your audience is already waiting for you in Ibiza, Barcelona, Porto Alegre (Brazil), Tuscany (Italy), Algarve (South Portugal), Galicia, Provence, Austria, Canada, Japan, among others!

You will had the priviledge to perform in singular venues as well as a wide array of spaces, from churches to theater hall, passing through open air squares and parks.

Moreover, the network is collaborating with transport companies in order to offer you discounts to connect each destination!

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Indian Magazine

Touriosity Travelmag becomes Media Partner of CTN!

After a first report on Loulé Criativo, published in the edition of november of Touriosity Travelmag, we are proud to announce the continuity of our collaboration with this presitigious Indian magazine.

As Media Partner, Touriosity Travelmag will be associated to CTN's events.

On the other side, a section of Touriosity will be devoted each month to the creative tourism, in order to offer the Indian lectors (and travellers) a selection of creative activities and destinations worldwide.

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CTN members promoted in FITUR (Madrid)

As every year, we promoted our members’ offers and destinations in FITUR, the tourist fair held in Madrid.

Three intensive days of campaigns, strategic meeting and B2B presentations to the media and international tour operators.

As a balance we could say that the creative tourism is now assumed as the new generation of tourism, even by the biggest companies!




new member of the Creative Tourism Network®

Tuscany, the land of universal geniuses, the model for the budding artists during “the Grand Tour” and a haven for contemporary artists, is now as well a Creative Friendly Destination® for the new generation of tourists, eager to discover the local culture by participating in authentic and creative activities.

This recognition was announced last December 3rd within the Buy Tourism Online congress (BTO) in Firenze.

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Creative tourism or the future of cultural tourism

Creative tourism

 ... or the future of cultural tourism

Article published by ACCOR.  

French version available here.

Travel trends' What if travel was also a great opportunity to develop your creative potential? This month, our "Travel Trends" column takes a look at creative tourism, a concept that is attracting a growing number of enthusiasts...  Read more.


Why being member of the Creative Tourism Network®?

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• To belong to a Network whose common denominator is the excellence to promote a new kind of tourism based on quality and authenticity...

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