Perpignan-Méditerrannée, creative tourism as an immersive experience to live the French-catalan culture.

PERPIGNAN MÉDITERRANÉE, a Franco-Catalan destination, enjoys a unique dual identity. The art of living, gastronomy and French craftsmanship happily mingle with Catalan culture, its traditions and its values of generosity, sharing and conviviality. Take advantage of its creative tourism experience offers to explore its rich territory and immerse yourself in our culture. City side, land side or sea side, our craftsmen, winegrowers, farmers, breeders, artists and traders will share their know-how for moments and micro-adventures conducive to exchange, learning and innovation.

Creative tourism is the best way to live an immersion in its rich heritage and the diversity of its territory. A mosaic of varied identities and geographies, Perpignan Méditerranée is made up of 36 municipalities spread over an area of 656 km2, including 22 km of coastline. Nestled in the heart of a triangle formed by the metropolises of Toulouse, Barcelona and Montpellier, our territory is a true center of the worlds, as Dali had fun saying. Our destination allows you to radiate and taste the activities on the CITY side, on the SEA side and on the LAND side.

Taste our wines and savour the products of our generous terroir. Practice a thousand sports activities, visit our monuments, museums and exceptional heritage sites, enjoy the mildness of our climate and learn about the Catalan way of life.

To inspire you, here is a nice sample of creative activities that Perpignan Méditerranée offers you to immerse yourself in the daily life of its friendly inhabitants and passionate professionals. 

Perpignan-Méditerranée has been labeled CreativeFriendlyDestination by the Creative Tourism Network®.


1 – Add colors and emotions to your trip! Travel from the city to the sea via inland and discover a whole variety of original creative offers on the perimeter of our radiant destination.

2 – French Treasure of Catalunya Perpignan Méditerranée is the only destination in the world that enjoys a dual identity that is both Catalan and French, a richness that is our strength and our attractiveness and that can be found in the Catalan way of life. that we suggest you test. Heritage, arts, wines and gastronomy are to be savored from traditional and innovative angles!

3 – Savor the wines of Roussillon 20,000 hectares of vines, 3 wine routes, a diversity of wine-growing areas and grape varieties and as many activities around Roussillon wines: unique experiences in the heart of their estates and vineyards.

4 – Living our traditions Immerse yourself in our culture and our traditions: Dance the sardana, climb to the top of a Castell (human pyramids), live the Passion of the Procession of the Sanch and take part in our Catalan festivals which animate the year-round destination.

5 – Admire the diversity of the territory and vary the pleasures In a few minutes you will go from a wild and preserved beach, to the top of a rocky peak or in the heart of century-old vineyards, just as you can find yourself at the foot of exceptional monuments. Each of these places will give you the opportunity to create and live unique experiences.

6 – Browse protected natural areas Ponds, lakes, beaches, dunes… the destination is full of nuggets where biodiversity flourishes while respecting nature. An exceptional fauna and flora develop there, you will have the chance to be able to apprehend it during your stay.

7 – Learn about French & Catalan gastronomy Another richness of our dual identity! It is embodied in our cuisine, whose recipes are full of Mediterranean flavors but also know how to give pride of place to the classics of French gastronomy. Our terroir has one of the most generous gardens from which the best fresh produce comes. The ideal breeding ground for curious scullions.

8 – Take inspiration from local art Picasso, Dali, Maillol, Jean Lurçat… The greatest artists have passed through Perpignan Méditerranée, leaving a few treasures here and there. From painting to mosaic to sculpture, from Gothic to contemporary art, you are in a land of artists who will inspire you, now it’s up to you!

9 – Create with our artisans, producers and local farmers Catalans of heart or adoption, our partners will make you discover their arts and their techniques. They will share with you all their secrets during privileged moments that will allow you to learn, exchange and immerse yourself in the Catalan cultural DNA. Decorate a ceramic object, pick plants and fresh herbs to cook or transform them and discover the making of a jewel in Perpignan Garnet or a Catalan knife….

10 – Traveling in time From prehistory with the man of Tautavel, through Antiquity (Ruscino -600 years), the Middle Ages (Master of Cabestany, Kingdom of Majorca,..) and the contemporary era ( Exile – Rivesaltes camp memorial…), our destination is a rich land of history and itineraries that will propel you into the heart of legendary universes and eras.

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