Creative Tourism Awards – Presentation and application

Creative Tourism Awards
Creative Tourism Awards 2019 : Call for entries for Best Creative Destination!

Created by
the Creative Tourism Network®,
the Creative Tourism Awards
aim to reward companies,

projects and destinations worldwide that foster
this new generation of tourism,
characterized by the active participation of the tourists
in artistic and creative activities.

Internationally recognized for its action in favor of a more innovative and sustainable tourism, the Creative Tourism Network® works with a panel of prestigious experts headed by Professor Greg Richards, co-inventor of the creative tourism concept, in order to determine and guarantee the respect of the Best Practices of the Creative Tourism.

Thus, the international jury of the Creative Tourism Awards selects every year five winners among hundreds of initiatives and destinations that highlight for their commitment to this emerging sector.

Are particularly appreciated the authenticity and creativity of the proposals, as well as the promoters’ interest in involving locals and tourists in the co-creation of their experiences.

Besides the recognition, the winners are offered tools and services in terms of promotion.

The categories are:






Best Strategy for Creative Tourism Development
Best Creative Destination
Best Creative Travel Agency / Tour Operators
Best Creative Residency 
Best Creative Experiences
New ! Best Creative Tourism Media Content

Best Creative Destination Award 2019 

Call for entries !  

Application for General Categories : click here

What do we mean by …?

  • Creative Residency : Art residencies and hospitality sector (B&B, Hostels, Resorts, Luxury Hotels, etc.)
  • Creative Experience : Individual or Entity that organizes creative activities (Cooking Classes, Craft Workshops, etc.)
  • Creative Travel Agency or  Tour Operators : That offer creative travels
  • Creative Destinations : That bet on Creative Tourism (For DMOs exclusively)
  • Strategy : Project that haven’t been launched yet, methodology


Deadlines : January, 6th 2020 . 12p.m. GMT


1 – All companies / organizations must have been in operation for at least 6 full months (except for the category: Best Strategy for Creative Tourism Development, which refers to strategies that have not been launched yet).

2 – All applications must be sent in English, through this e-form. Only complete entries will be considered.

3 – Deadline is January 6th, 2020, 12.P.M. GMT.

4 – Supporting materials (photos, videos, articles, brochures, etc) can be sent to no later the January 6th, 2020.

5 – If you wish to enter multiple projects, please feel an e-form by entry.

6 – Entries may register through the e-for

7 – The information and data provided in the e-form will be used by the judges for the nomination process as well as for the communication and press kit, that’s why it is required to indicate potential copyrights and credits.

8 – The CreativeTourismAward are based on the CreativeTourismNetwork(R) private policy.

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