Creative Tourism Academy

Creative Tourism Academy

… Whether you represent a University or a Business School,
DMOs, private companies or public bodies,
or if you simply are interested in creative tourism management


We offer tailored courses, lectures, seminars, workshops, training, and capacity-building classes that fit your needs.

Due to creative tourism’ specificity of involving a wide array of stakeholders, the Creative Tourism Network® has created the Creative Tourism Academy, whose aim is to design and run customized training workshops for different kinds of organizations: DMOs, NGOs, academic or business sector.

Adaptable to presential or virtual format, combining theory and practice, our training relies on a holistic approach through which the participants can learn, be inspired, and develop their own projects, thanks to our mentoring.

Courses can be delivered in several languages. Please, feel free to ask us.

Bring your ideas, shape your project!

From a 2-hour course to a 5-days session, our training programs, conducted by renowned experts through participative techniques, provide both theoretical knowledge & practical skills.

The participants can individually or collectively design their own project within the training.
This tailored approach provides exclusive information and networking opportunities, in addition to the certificate delivered by the Creative Tourism Network®.

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Languages: English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Italian. Others, please contact us.

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Tourism Training: Topics

  • What do we mean by “creative tourism”?
  • Its evolution and current features.
  • Creative Tourism, a lever of sustainable development.
  • Creative tourism as a model of the circular economy.
  • Creative Tourism: solutions Post-Covid.
  • Case studies of creative tourism managed by private and public entities.
  • How can I launch my own creative tourism project or include this modality into my existing business?
  • Designing and production of creative tourism experiences.
  • How to generate income from creative tourism?
  • Creative tourism & branding: how to create a creative tourism destination?
  • How to create a value chain for the territory/destination from a public-private partnership?
  • How to differentiate my destination through creative tourism?
  • Who are the creative tourists? How can I reach them?
  • Communication tools and marketing strategies adapted to creative tourism.
  • Co-creation of storytelling for the destination.
  • Networking / strategic partnerships.



  • A previous study of the destination/project’s potential (in situ & at distance).
  • Conference on the creative tourism general concept.
  • Practical workshops with local stakeholders (hotels, inbound agencies, craftsmen, artists, cultural associations, festivals managers, etc.).
  • Study tour in order to meet entrepreneurs and stakeholders of creative tourism.
  • Networking.
  • Certification.
  • Press conference.
  • Advantages of the Creative Tourism Network® membership.
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish, Catalan Others, please contact us.



Universities, Business Schools, Institute of Tourism, Cultural Management : Bachelor, Master, Continuing education

… local public bodies and official DMO’s (City Council, Tourist Boards, …)
chambers of commerce,
the private entrepreneurs,
… art, culture and traditional associations
… artists, craftsmen and creative industries
… art & crafts schools, … the music and dance academy
… cultural equipment’s and heritage managers
… festival organizers
…eco-tourism sector
… hospitality industry
… tour operators and inbound agencies

As well as a long list of stakeholders …


We have worked with and for the following organizations:

  • UNWTO, UNESCO, European Union, World Bank, Caribbean Tourism Organization, European Cities Marketing.
  • Ministry of Tourism of Jordan, Ministry of Tourism of Jamaica, Visit Iceland, ProFinland, Ministry of Tourism of Bugaria, French Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Jinju (South Korea), Regione Toscana, Alcaldía de Medellín, Embratur (Brazil),  Secretaria do Turismo do Porto Alegre (Brazil), Secretaria de Estado de Turismo e Esportes do Minas Gerais, SENAC, Fécomercio (Brazil), Governo do Mato Grosso, City of Santa Fé (US), Turismo Centro Portugal, Câmara Municipal do Loulé (Algarve – Portugal), Ajuntament de Ibiza, Mission Louvre-Lens, Office de Tourisme de Biot (Provence, France), Conseil Général Loire-Atlantique (France),  Croatian Chamber of Economy (Zagreb), Smartravel (Portugal), INTO Congress Mallorca, Creative Tourism Forum Bangkok,
  • Université de La Sorbonne (Paris, France), University of Monash (Melbourne, Australia), IPAC – Université de Laval (Québec), Università Ca’Foscari (Venice), Torino International Training Center (Italy), Toulouse Business School, Excelia Group La Rochelle (France), University of Barcelona, International University of Catalonia, UOC University, ESADE Business School (Barcelona), CETT Barcelona,  etc.
  • World Travel Market, ITB Berlin, FITUR Madrid, BTL Lisboa, etc.


The Creative Tourism Academy is a service of the Creative Tourism Network® (CTN), an international organization aimed to foster this new tourism trend worldwide.

One of the missions of the CTN is to enhance the knowledge and expertise within this rapidly growing sector.

That’s why we offer the help of a group of international experts in cultural and creative tourism, creative industries, culinary tourism, sustainable tourism, new technologies, headed by Professor Greg Richards, co-author of the concept of creative tourism.

Our approach is both theoretical and practical, depending on your objectives.

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We are looking forward to listening to your project and needs.
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