Presentation, Missions & Services


The Creative Tourism Network® is the global non-profit organization responsible for developing creative tourism. The CTN was founded in 2010 with the support of the European Union but quickly expanded to the rest of the world.


Its main objectives and missions are:

  • to advocate for creative tourism to the world’s largest authorities, highlighting its sustainable virtues.
  • to advise and support territories of all types, to convert their intangible heritage and communities’ know-how into creative tourist experiences that reflect their cultural DNA.
  • to certify them with the CreativeFriendlyDestination label, which guarantees their adequacy to the creative tourism demand and the creation of sustainable ecosystems on the territory, through the local communities’  training and empowering.
  • to promote the CreativeFriendlyDestinations-labeled territories to specific international markets, via experiential campaigns and strategic (co)organize conferences and act as curators for international events.
  • to facilitate networking between CreativeFriendly destinations of all types – rural areas, islands, medium-sized towns, megacities, etc. – and strategic partners.
  • to reward the best creative tourism initiatives and destinations worldwide, thanks to the Creative Tourism Awards.
  • to manage a global observatory of creative tourism via collaborations with researchers such as Professor Greg Richards, author of the concept of creative tourism.
  • to act with a circular and holistic approach that makes Creative Tourism a tool and lever for sustainable development, adaptable to all types of territories.





  • Consultancy

Our daily work leads us to use creative tourism as a “Swiss Army knife” for various destinations’ development. Our professional expertise and practical experience enable us to work hand-in-hand with destinations of all kinds to propose creative solutions that foster the positive impact of tourism in their territory. Strategies always rely on the optimization of the destination’s resources. Such services are scalable to your needs. Let us know about yours!


  • Training

 Whether you are a University or Business School, (future) entrepreneurs, DMOs – tourist boards, private companies or public bodies, interested in creative tourism management…

 We propose tailored courses, lectures, seminars, workshops, training, capacity building, or consultancy services that fit your needs. Read more.


  • Curatorship for creative tourism events

We put at your disposal our wide experience in organizing events on creative tourism, creative economy, and sustainable tourism. We provide tailored curatorships to make them unique, unforgettable, and efficient. They can combine lectures, practical workshops, project design, co-creation, press conferences, and press-and-fam trips, without forgetting our communication support, from simple advice to turnkey event management.

Interested in organizing creative tourism events? Please feel free to contact us for an informal chat!