Discover Recife, the capital of creativity!

Recife is more than just miles of heavenly beaches: under a blazing sun, people are creating, innovating, inspiring, making and remaking!

The Brazilian city was named Creative Capital in 2017 by the Creative Tourism Network® for the extent of its intangible heritage and the dynamism of its creative industries. From the delicious bolo de rolo to the countless dances and festivals, Recife’s cultural heritage is rich and unique. Whether it’s innovation, colour, rhythm, sound, flavour or expression, Recife is synonymous with reinvention.

From the best museums in Latin America to the region’s richest gastronomic heritage, from Frevo to the timeless ritual of Maracatu, Recife is a reference point for the creative tourist who can experience local culture through a wide range of authentic proposals, from a cooking class in Ilha de Deus, to Frevo dance workshops or photography tours, among many others! Everyone will find beauty in the local culture and artistic districts.

“Recife is always Carnival” is one of the most popular creative experiences. Located in the heart of the Bomba do Hemeterio neighbourhood, this first community cultural tour offers a route through the urban area, organised as part of a local development strategy. Bomba do Hemetério is the place that best reflects the roots culture in Recife. The cultural centre offers tours, itineraries, workshops and diverse and alternative gastronomic pleasures, where secrets, details and charms are revealed along the way.

The city of Recife has always been a cradle of cultures and this potential is now being converted in an intelligent and sustainable way into an attraction for new generations of travellers and a value chain that benefits local communities thanks to the pioneering strategic plan for creative tourism developed by the city council and networks such as Recria.

Indeed, creative tourism has emerged in Recife as a territorial development lever that contributes to the integration of inhabitants, places and tourist experiences, governed by co-creation, enchantment and social inclusion.

Recife has thus established itself as one of the main destinations for creative tourism in Latin America, being the only one in the North and Northeast of Brazil to have a public policy that encourages the development of this sector of activity.