Quito, the “capital of the centre of the world” is also creative!

Quito’s geographical location, in the middle of the equatorial line, and its importance throughout history have allowed the city to become the focus of diverse cultural manifestations and syncretism between different traditions.

The development of tourism in the city and the diversification of the sector have stimulated the creation of creative experiences around traditional products that offer a different perspective of the culture and intangible heritage of Quito.

Thanks to this mix of ideas, concepts and inspirations, Quito is the muse city of creative tourism, where visitors can immerse themselves in the culture and discover the charm and magic that surround this UNESCO World Heritage Site. For all these reasons, Quito has been awarded the “Creative Friendly Destination” label by the Creative Tourism Network®.

The creative experiences offered by the Ecuadorian capital range from cooking classes to goldsmith and traditional painting workshops, as well as visits to agro-ecological farms that allow you to discover the varied flavours of artisanal beer and high altitude coffee. Bee honey is also the star of workshops where tourists can learn to make their own products, from cosmetics to candles to sweets.

On the other hand, creative tourism invites travellers to discover areas other than the historic centre, such as La Mariscal, which offers activities with contemporary artists, or La Ronda – with the project “Manos en la Ronda” (Hands in the Round) – where tourists can discover the city’s traditional crafts, still preserved, in the hands of skilled artisans who work with metal, wood, or straw.

Creative tourism, in addition to boosting the local economy and providing an authentic approach to the destination, involves the tourist in different aspects of the city, such as its gastronomy, customs and culture.

For more information: https://visitquito.ec/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/TURISMO-CREATIVO-2.pdf