Creative Tourism taught in La Rochelle (France)

The director of the Creative Tourism Network®, Caroline Couret, delivered a two-days workshop on creative tourism management for the 32 students of the Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality from La Rochelle Tourism and Hospitality School- Excelia Group (former Sup de Co), in La Rochelle, France.

A theoritical and practical approach gave them the opportunity to learn further about the new forms of tourism management, as well as to design their own project of creative tourism and to present it within the sessions.

Their own creative potential, added to the diversity of their procedences, from China to Canada, passing through Finland, Spain or Germany, was reflected in the relevance of such projects.

This workshop, fostered by the Creative Tourism Academy of the Creative Tourism Network® completely fits with the philosophy of the Excelia Grup, whose bachelors and studies, awarded by the UNWTO TedQual Certification, all foster the innovation, the professional engagement,  the cultural exchanges and the Code of Ethics.

The Excelia Group

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