Biot, Provence – French Riviera

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Many important 20th century artists have found inspiration in Biot.  Fernand Léger, one of the most important painters of the 20th century starting his ceramic work in Biot.  Raymond Peynet brought his lovers to life here. Hans Hedberg shook up ideas in the world of ceramics, Torun revolutionized jewelry. Heïdi and Lino Melano created a revolution in mosaics, Denis Brihat made his début as a photographer here, and Eloid Monot created the technique of the famous bubble glass …

Now you too can come to Biot to create !

Twenty artists open their workshop doors, to allow the discovery of their world in Biot’s unique creative experience !  For an hour, or a day, or a week, to learn their craft, share their daily lives, and why not take home a unique piece of their own creation, blow a vase, a glass or a sculpture, transform outdated jewellery, illustrate a children’s story, sculpt metal, trim a bonsai tree…




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Biot « la créative », une référence du savoir-faire

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