Barcelos Creative and Safe Destination !

Barcelos is a true garden, between the ocean and green hills, situated in the Northern Western part of Portugal, owner of unique characteristics that seduce travelers looking for a different approach to tourism, one that privileges crafts and folk arts, nature and landscape or wines and gastronomy, all this surrounded by countless monuments and a rich intangible heritage, allowing a true immersion in an authentic destination and experiences. 

As the land of the crafts and folk arts, the city of Barcelos has a strong tradition in pottery, imagery, timber, embroidery, metalwork, basketry, among other arts. Thus, offering tourists the chance to experience its culture and traditions by participating in creative activities with the locals, contributes to revitalize those traditions and know-how. These activities proved to be tremendously important as they the mobilized civil society, artisans and their businesses and tourism.

Concerning crafts and folk arts, creative action promoted by the municipality, must be highlighted the following activities:

Video “We Create Hope”:

Launch of the video “We Create Hope” in homage to the Artisans of Barcelos on March 19, 2021, as part of the World Craftsman Day celebrations. d express that creativity. The motto “We Create Hope” intends to express strength to face difficult times. Link

Crafts and Folks Arts – Brochures:

Production and release of the new Barcelos tourist brochures of Crafts and Folks Arts during the summer /autumn 2021.

Barcelos Rooster – National Registered Brand:

 The Galo de Barcelos (Barcelos traditional ceramic rooster) – Became an official national registered brand, with the Municipality of Barcelos being the owner of the brand, in June 2021.

Local and national promotional activities:

Crafts and Folk Arts Workshops:

Between April and July, the Tourist Office promoted 6 creative workshops with crafts, to 84 participants.

Creative Rooster Painting Workshop conducted by Irmãos Baraça to a group of 12 journalists at the request of CIM Cávado (June 19).


– Barcelos Traditional Crockery – “A Past Tradition… that continues to build its Future”, at the Medieval Tower of Barcelos from April 5 to May 16.

– “António Araújo Coelho, A modeller of dreams”, at the Medieval Tower of Barcelos from May 21 to June 4. 

– Barcelos traditional Imagery: “Traditional Minho Women” at Guimarães Shopping, city of Guimarães and from July 8 to September 30 on display at the Viana Estação Shopping, city of Viana do Castelo.

– “The Fantastic World of Barcelos Rooster” on display at Coimbra Shopping, city of Coimbra, from June 8 to 27 and from 25 august to September 26 at the Norte Shopping, city of Porto.

– “They are made of clay… but they are Saints, they are Popular Saints” June 19 to July 18, at Shopping Nova Arcada, city of Braga.

– “Fantastic World of the Barcelos Rooster” – from July 16 to September 5, Medieval Tower and Tourist Office.

– “Santiago, an iconic image of Barcelos handicraft…” – from July 25 to September 4 at the Barcelos Tourist Office.

Upcoming local Exhibitions:

– “From iron, to art… by the hands of Júlio Ferreira”  – Barcelos Tourist Office, September/October.

– “Cuts of Innovation in a production of tradition”. The Imagery of Cidália Trindade, October/November.

– “The Nativity Scene in Barcelos Crafts and Folk Arts. One Tradition, Several Interpretations” – Barcelos Tourist Office and Medieval Tower, November/December.

Crafts and Folk Arts Microfairs – Thursdays from July to September:

The city of Barcelos traditionally promotes live Crafting Microfairs in the city center, at Largo da Porta Nova, a cycle of microfairs that happen on Thursdays, from July to September. An activity that week after week brings to the city center artisans who work live promoting local creativity and local arts.

International Promotion:

 In terms of international promotion, the city of Barcelos was invited by the national government to install a giant Galo de Barcelos (Barcelos Rooster) in Belgium, on the occasion of the Portuguese presidency of the European Union. The piece was exhibited at the Joint Research Center – Geel (Joint Research Center of the European Commission) and, later, at the European School Mol, both in Belgium, for a period of three months, between the end of March and June.

Barcelos National Craftsmanship Show:

Barcelos National Craftsmanship Show – Between 10 and 19 of September, at the City Park. After the one-year interruption and the forced postponement in August 2021, motivated by the pandemic. The Craftsmanship Show is expected to be back already between 10 and 19 of September, at the City Park, if all conditions related to the pandemic evolve favorably. This is a much awaited event both for creators and public since it is considered the largest annual popular art event held in Barcelos and the event where practically all local artisans and arts gather. It is one of the oldest handicraft exhibitions in Portugal and certainly the one that best reflects the authenticity and richness of Portuguese crafts and folk arts.

But Barcelos creative activities go far beyond crafts and folk arts, as mentioned the city has  a vast program of touring in the nature, landscaping, heritage, wines and gastronomy as presented next:

Annual Touring Program: The annual program “Touring Barcelos 2021”, is a very ambitious and resilient plan in terms of events to promote a creative tourism turned to nature, heritage and territory interpretation, with creative experiences connected to the territory and its main arguments, as following:

The Vines and Wines Routes:  The first event happened in May 8 and the second route will happen on November 6, 2021. 

Religious Tourism Route: On May 15 entitled “Route of the Marian Sanctuaries”;

Walking trails already done in 2021: on April 24: The trail of Assaia Hill to the Lands of D. António Barroso, May 15: The trail of the County Land to the Sacred Hill of Barcelos and on June 19: Through the trail of S. Gonçalo Hill to the Rupestrian Sanctuary; on July 24: Through the trail of the “Chã de Arefe”.

Walking trails expected to happen in 2021: October 9: The Trail of the puddles; October 16: The trail of the traditional bread – with a hands on workshop of bread making; October 30: Barcelos Magical – Theatrical Tour; November 13: Trail of Sra. da Consolação to the shores of the Cávado; December 11: Trail of the Rural World.

World Tourism Day:Capture d’écran 2021-07-28 à 15.38.32

The celebrations of the World Tourism Day 2021, in Barcelos, will include a set of various activities, that will occur essentially on the 25th of September, as following:

– The walking trail of the Facho Hill;
– The Creative walks to discover the wonderful world of the Imagery;

– The Nautical Tourism, with a boat trip on the Cávado River to observe is fauna and flora.

Barcelos Upcoming Gastronomical Activities:

Gastronomical activities are ways to discover a very creative Barcelos, the activities presented next, integrate the annual gastronomical program entitled “7 Pleasures of Gastronomy” promoted by the Tourist Department of the Municipality of Barcelos that annually, from February to December, aims to inspire the local most traditional delicacies. 

 – Fim de semana do Galo Assado (Barcelos Traditional Roasted Rooster Weekend) –  8th to 10th October;

– Fim de Semana do Arroz Pica no Chão (Barcelos traditional rice with chicken Weekend) – 5th to 7th November;

– Barcelos Doce (Barcelos Chistmas Traditional Sweet Pastries) – 4th to 5th December.

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