Menorca bets on creative tourism and gastronomy

Menorca already owns a huge potential to position itself as a creative tourism destination, and has now something more … an international award!

The restaurant and gastronomic experiences portal of Menorca, Cómete Menorca has just received the award for the World Best Creative Experience,  awarded annually by the Creative Tourism Network®, the world organization that gathers destinations of all kinds, around the world, that bet on creative tourism to as sustainable development.

With this prestigious award, the Jury of the Creative Tourism Awards, made up of international experts in sustainable tourism and creative economy, wanted to highlight the values of Cómete Menorca in terms of:

  • the recovery, transmission, and promotion of culinary heritage that reflects the cultural exceptionality of Menorca.
  •  the promotion of authentic gastronomic experiences that offer an attractive, sustainable, and quality offer, designed for both residents and new travelers.
  • the synergies created between professionals in the gastronomy, catering, agriculture, crafts, and tourism sectors, creating a creative hub, between tradition and creativity.
  • training, conference, and networking activities that contribute to consolidating the sector locally and internationally.

The award was presented on March 7 as part of an event organized by Cómete Menorca at the agrotourism Hort Sant Patrici (Ferreires), which brought together about eighty professionals from the sectors of gastronomy, catering, and tourism.

On this occasion, Sión Bosch and Antonio Juaneda, co-owners of Cómete Menorca, presented a positive balance of the activity carried out during the year 2021 and unveiled some of the initiatives scheduled for the coming months. Nearly 240,000 visits to the website last year and 32,000 followers on social media are a good incentive to continue working, both as a director of restaurants on the island and as a portal that offers gastronomic experiences.

In fact, one of its strategic lines is based on culinary experiences acting as an incentive to attract new unseasonal tourism.

Caroline Couret, director of the Creative Tourism Network®, referred to this tourism in the talk on creative tourism, in which she explained in detail all the potential that Menorca has to become a labeled CreativeFriendlyDestination, in order to attract these travelers seduced by quality experiences, as well as to foster a virtuous ecosystem for the territory.

In fact, she stressed the importance of optimizing all-natural, cultural, and, above all, human resources, in order to opt for a circular economy model that benefits from co-creation between all local, public and private stakeholders. 

Couret also mentioned the condition of Menorca as a European Region of Gastronomy 2022, as an opportunity to put an international focus on all the initiatives and skills that make Menorca the gastronomic, creative, and sustainable destination par excellence, in all the Mediterranean.

To close this day, the icing on the cake was put on by young chef José María Borrás, who prepared three dishes in situ that left the audience impressed, both for their creativity and their flavors, which were a tribute to the specificities of Menorcan cuisine and the product of Menorca.


A day that encouraged local stakeholders to bet even more on this creative tourism, inviting the sectors of crafts, traditional heritage and creative industries, among others, to create new travel purposes in Menorca, all year round.