The Creative Tourism Network® dedicated the World Tourism Day to Creative Tourism and Staycation

As this date could be seen as a return to certain tourist activity in both hemispheres, the Creative Tourism Network® proposed to virtually connect the experiences lived locally on each of its CreativeFriendly labeled destinations.

Concretely, during this day, the destinations invited the local population to participate in a wide choice of creative experiences allowing them to rediscover their intangible heritage, by living a unique experience and becoming official ambassadors of their territory.

A wide array of activities including weaving or blowing glass workshops, traditional dances, music or cooking lessons, photographic tours, to name just a few, aimed to highlight the Know-how, creativity, and human relationships, among the assets of this virtuous tourism.

The Creative Tourism Network® orchestrated a communication strategy inviting to a virtual journey through these ambassadors’ experiences.

In some way, a look back at the essence of the travel and human values by recreating a peer-to-peer linkage and converting this tourism into an ecosystem and a lever for the local development.

An opportunity for these destinations to position themselves in the perspective of 2021, declared by the United Nations, the International Year of the Creative Economy and Sustainable Development.

In this sense, the Creative Tourism Network® also offers free support and advice service for destinations wishing to join it and to position themselves in this booming sector.