Medellín, a #CreativeFriendlyDestination certified destination, creates its creative tourism network.

Medellín, a CreativeFriendlyDestination certified destination, by the World Creative Tourism Network – Creative Tourism Network® – has just created its Creative Tourism Network at the city level.


– The initiative was born from the alliance between the Medellín Mayor’s Office and the Antioquia Technology Center to provide technical assistance, generate knowledge transfer and create collaborative spaces.

– With this strategy, actions will be carried out that integrate tourist practices, tradition and innovation.

-The E-CREA Network (Network of Spaces for the Creation and Exhibition of the Arts) of the Ministry of Culture will be part of the Creative Tourism Network.

The tourism ecosystem of Medellín is strengthened with the creation of the first Creative Tourism Network, a joint initiative between the District Administration and the Antioquia Technology Center (CTA). The network will be made up of 26 cultural, creative and tourist experiences in the city and will serve to advance actions that integrate tourist practices, tradition and innovation. Creativity will be the guiding thread to generate social and economic development, through participation and opening options for the community.

“The moment we are in is too opportune for this type of news. Let’s think about how sensitive we are to art or music, to our culture. At this moment we are like this, wanting to travel, to know and that is what moves tourists. Everything we have to offer in our communes, such as gastronomy or culture, will be strengthened with the Creative Culture Network”, said the Secretary of Economic Development, Mauricio Valencia.

The experiences of the Medellin Creative Tourism Network were carefully observed to identify its most representative features, such as location, presentation to the public and practices, among others. The purpose was to establish the challenges of each one and thus develop actions to improve and strengthen them. This through science and innovation, with technical assistance, knowledge transfer and collaborative spaces.

“We are very happy that the E-CREA network is part of this and that the Ministry of Economic Development and Culture join together to promote creative tourism. This is a commitment to responsible, immersive tourism, in which people can live and experience how, thanks to culture, Medellín went from being a violent city to a city of hope, dreams and joint work; a city that is committed to peace, educational and cultural transformation, and the revitalization of the creative economy,” said the Secretary of Culture, Álvaro Narváez.

Among the tourist experiences that make up the network, categories such as culture and creativity, city memory, art and gastronomy stand out.

“We belong to the Creative Tourism Network thanks to good practices and the fact that we show a different face of our commune. We invite everyone to be part of it and to visit our spaces, our neighborhoods, so that they can get to know the other side of Medellín and its inhabitants. We are proud to belong to this network because we were able to meet other organizations that have the same objective as ours, which is to show the Medellín that is on the slopes, that is in the mountains,” said the director of the community arts training school 8 “Urban Movement”, Jefferson Montoya.

In the year 2021, the World Creative Tourism Network – Creative Tourism Network® qualified Medellín as an international leader in this type of tourism by cataloging as creative experiences the work of Maestro Fernando Botero, paisa cuisine, traditional and urban dances, crafts and silletera culture.

Medellín has the best creative tourism strategy as a bet for community development! This was recognized by the World Creative Tourism Network in its eighth edition of the awards, which recognize companies, projects and destinations from around the world that promote the alliance between culture, creativity and tourism in all its forms and transmit their positive values. “I am very happy for this well-deserved recognition of his great work in favor of sustainable and creative tourism. Medellín is an example worldwide” said Caroline Couret, director of the Creative Tourism Network.