Barcelos, more than a destination, an experience to live!

Barcelos is a territory rich in traditional arts and crafts that are highly valued for the creative sense that has been introduced to them over time, giving them a sustainable and innovative feel. In this sense, it presents a series of creative experiences linked to crafts, in all its aspects, so that you can enjoy Barcelos in its creative essence. Some of these experiences are: modelling clay, experiencing the potter’s wheel, modelling pieces/figures, painting roosters, the art of moulding pine cones, moulding with paper pulp, working stone, moulding iron and creating pieces in the embroidery of S. Miguel da Carreira.

As well as handicrafts, the vineyards and wine, culinary arts and festivals and pilgrimages offer the chance to experience the most authentic traditions of Barcelos.

Furthermore, in order to have a more personal experience with Barcelos’ handicraft, there are 7 routes, namely, “Figurado” Route, Pottery Route, Embroidery and Weaving Route, Iron Route, Basketry Route, Wood work Route and Contemporary Route, that aims to connect with the artisans in their workshops and learning new experiences.

Barcelos, recognised as a Creative Friendly Destination, has a strong creative tourism axis that makes it more than just a destination, but an experience to be lived!

“Touring Barcelos”

The “Touring Barcelos” program, which includes 16 initiatives to be held between March and December 2023, aim at promoting and boosting the municipality’s natural and cultural heritage, often located off the usual tourist routes. This initiative is part of the set of creative actions that promote the identity discovery of the municipality of Barcelos and is a complementary factor to the offer for all those who choose Barcelos to spend their holidays or simply a weekend in one of the many accommodation units scattered throughout the territory.

7 Pleasures of Gastronomy

If your interest is gastronomy, then the 7 Pleasures of Gastronomy program is made for you. With the main attraction being the traditional Roasted Rooter, this program aims to promote several other traditional delicacies throughout the year that you can enjoy in the local restaurants, in the following dates:

February, 10th to 12th  – Lamprey from the Cávado River Weekend

March, 10th to 19th – Gastronomic Week of the Rooster, “Rojões”, and “Papas de Sarrabulho” à la mode de Barcelos

May, 19th to 21st – Cod Weekend

July, 14th to 16th – Tidbits Weekend

October 6th to 8th – Roasted Rooster à la mode de Barcelos Weekend

November, 3rd to 5th – “Arroz Pica no Chão” Weekend

December, 2nd – “Barcelos Doce” Contest – Christmas Temptations

Alongside these dates, there is also a series of creative experiences linked to the culinary arts and local products, namely the preparation of traditional sweets, the Barcelos Roast Rooster, the Pilgrim Loaf, as well as visits to two local producers, an olive oil mill and a chocolate factory.
All these experiences can be described in detail in the leaflet available on the website