CALL FOR PITCHES: Promote your CreativeFriendlyDestination within the World Tourism Day!

Tourism will be creative or it will no longer be!
The recent crises have shown how creativity can give meaning to tourism, by recovering the essence of travel, its authenticity, and human values.

That’s why, we invite you to celebrate World (Creative) Tourism Day, next September 27th, by sharing with us your creative tourism experiences!

We are creating a platform to promote shorts videos pitches of you and your local stakeholders, that will highlight your CreativeFriendlyDestination and creative tourism’s benefits in general.

We will develop a social media campaign for each of your CreativeFriendlyDestination. That’s why the most you will be represented, the better you will be promoted internationally!



  • WHY?

…  to reward you and your CreativeFriendlyDestination with the international visibility you deserve!


  • WHO?

We invite YOU (DMO. local government…) and all the local stakeholders who make your CreativeFriendlyDestination so unique!

So to the question: “Who can participate”?

 … The answer is:  representatives of the DMOs, of the (local) governments, creative ambassadors (local personalities), tourist and hospitality entrepreneurs, artists, craftsmen, and communities who propose creative activities to your tourists, and of course, creative tourists who enjoy your creative offers!

Please note that several delegates of the same organization can participate (for instance, several delegates of the City Council, of the Tourist Board,  of a company, etc).

However, this invitation is exclusively aimed at the members of the CreativeTourismNetwork®.

That’s why, we encourage you to share this call among your local partners, in order to make your CreativeFriendlyDestination as visible as possible!


  • HOW?

It is easy!

1 –  Fill out the FOLLOWING FORM in which you will include the link of your video (through the platform of your choice, among Wetransfer, Drive, Dropbox, …).

2 – Record a short video of you, answering the questions below (*). The characteristics of the videos are the following:

  • Duration: 1.5 minute maximum
  • Language: English, Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese… Please note that the subtitles will be the ones provided by Youtube if available.
  • Format: Landscape format
  • Sound: please try to avoid acoustic contamination, using a microphone if possible.
  • Speech: Please, answer the questions, point by point as we will include a slide with each question written.


1/  What is your link with creative tourism? ( for instance: “I am John Smith and I am managing the creative tourism program in … City …” … “I am María Toledo and I am offering crafts workshop in … CreativeFriendlyDestination, …) etc.

2/ Please, mention 2 or 3 creative tourism activities (*) that characterize your destination/project or that you love as a creative tourist or blogger. (*) Please remind that Creative tourism activities have to be participative/artistic or creative related and have a strong link with the local culture or DNA (for instance, an “azulejos” painting workshop in Portugal).  For this reason, please avoid tangible heritage,  technological experiences, visits, etc.

3/ What makes your creative [ destination, project, offer, travel] so unique? Please, prioritize short answers: people’s friendliness, ancestral know-how, creative atmosphere, artists’ entrepreneurship, etc.

4/  What are, according to you, the 3 main virtues of creative tourism? (for instance: inclusion, empowerment, intangible heritage preservation, cultural differentiation, unseasonality, sustainability, …).

  • WHEN?

The platform will be officially presented next September 27 th, as part of World Tourism Day campaign.
The deadline for sending us your videos will be September 20th, however, we will start promoting your videos as soon as we receive them in order to optimize your participation!




As you know, we will be pleased to assist you personally by email or video chat!