Empordanet, Catalonia

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The Empordanet is located in the province of Girona, and consists of the municipalities of La Bisbal, Forallac, Cruïlles, Monells i Sant Sadurni Edera and Corçà Ullastret. It is known for its exceptional natural beauty, as well as for its heritage. Its cultural dynamism is reflected in activities organized throughout the year by museums, institutions and factories, as well as events and festivals that have become international attractions.

Crafts and ceramics are among its main activities (with a tradition for more than three centuries). This region also offers a wide range of experiences related to nature, gastronomy, circus, music, etc. From which you can discover its charming villages. The creative tourist can then make his own ceramic art, jewelry and embroidery, process cheese or chocolate lollipops with local products, create your soap in olive oil, join a game, a camera Ruta or a concert in Sant Miquel de Cruïlles.

…. and above all, enjoy the welcoming nature of its inhabitants!

The territory is strongly linked to the tourism sector given its geographical location, in a transition zone between Girona and maritime tourist destinations on the Costa Brava.

– Girona-Costa Brava at 45 km

– Barcelona-El Prat at 145 km

– Cruise Port of Barcelona at 145 km

– 20 km to Cruise Port Palamos

– 30 km to  Landmark Girona

– 12 km to Flaçà train station

– Exit 30 km from the A7 motorway

Travelers can choose from more than 50 restaurants to discover the local cuisine and more than 100 tourist accommodations of different types and categories, including: – 15 hotels, including two 4-star hotels – 27 houses – 70 apartments for tourist use – two campsites . The territory also has many holiday homes for people mainly from the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

Halfway between Girona and the Costa Brava, the countryside at the foot of the Gavarres, there are beautiful little villages out of time. Feel the rhythm and essence of the life of the authentic Empordanet, get to know the people who live there, because what makes it attractive is the landscape, the climate, the stones but especially its people.

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