Creative Destination Lake Llanquihue (Chile) launches a new platform with routes and creative experiences

Through the Real Travel app, visitors and residents of the Llanquihue Lake basin will discover creative and heritage experiences of the destination in Frutillar, Puerto Octay, Llanquihue and Puerto Varas; and the entrepreneurs of the creative ecosystem will be able to make their offer visible.

A new milestone marks the consolidation of the creative destination in the Llanquihue Lake basin. This is the launch of the destination in the Real Travel app, a platform on which visitors and residents of the communes of the basin will find landmarks and suggested routes to live different creative experiences that have been highlighted by the inhabitants themselves in a participatory process.

We are convinced that transforming a creative destination by uniting creative industries with tourism is a challenge, but also an important achievement not only for Corfo but for all tourism entrepreneurs and for those who participate in creativity in the Llanquihue Lake basin. Today we are launching a platform that digitizes these concepts and provides tourists with more tools to get to know the creative industries, this is complemented by one of the focuses we have: digitization”, explained Rodrigo Carrasco, regional director of Corfo Los Lagos.

The launch took place at Casa Raddatz, Gallery of the Fundación Bosque Nativo, a historic monument in the city of Puerto Varas. “The Bosque Nativo cultural center has had 20 years of uninterrupted cultural activity, and now we feel proud because we are with the exhibition of Mónica Bengoa and Leonardo Cisternas, an artist from our city, and tonight we have an intimate recital; here you live what this program seeks to make visible”, commented the director of Fundación Bosque Nativo and member of the board of directors of the Integrated Territorial Program (PTI) Lake Llanquihue Creative Destination, María Angélica Lapostol. On this occasion, the artist Leonardo Cisternas presented his work “Cetácea”, exhibited in the gallery.

Also participating in the occasion were the President of the Board of Directors of the Integrated Territorial Program (PTI) Lago Llanquihue Creative Destination and Executive Director of Fundación Teatro del Lago, Fernando Ortúzar; the member of the cabinet of the Municipality of Puerto Varas, Benjamín Langdon; the cultural manager and member of the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Puerto Varas, Poli Roa; the founders of Real Travel; Marta Lorenzini and Pablo Alarcón; and the manager of the PTI Lake Llanquihue Creative Destination, Paulette Irarrázaval.

From the Municipality, we are disseminating and one of the main axes that we work on is to make artists feel part of this creative destination, not only entrepreneurs from other areas but also art and culture to be relevant,” said Poli Roa, cultural manager and member of the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Puerto Varas.

The application, which has suggested routes and historical, cultural and heritage information in the context of the Creative Destination, is from Real Travel, a company that emerged from the Los Lagos Region that seeks to design experiential routes and tourist experiences to reach everyone. , facilitating the connection with destinations through the mobile application with augmented reality technology and making places tell the story.

“The Lago Llanquihue Creative Destination is digitized on the Real Travel platform to provide visualization to the entire destination about the activities, tell the stories of the old houses, the heritage neighborhoods, the stories of the attractions of the four communes and that is visible for the tourist who downloads the application for free to enjoy the territory full of creativity and culture”, commented Marta Lorenzini, founder of Real Travel.

To access the app, you can download it directly to your mobile phone or enter it through the QR present at various points of interest and places of gastronomy, culture and tourism in the Llanquihue Lake basin. For associates and entrepreneurs of the creative and tourism industries, the invitation is to be part of this initiative. “We invite those who are committed to creative experiences as a new tourist offer to be part and make their offer visible as part of the destination, all the information can be found on the website”, said Paulette Irarrázaval, manager of the program.