Aegean Islands, Greece




The South Aegean Region, composed of 48 islands, constitutes the most dynamic vehicle of Greek tourism including  some of the jewels of Greece such as Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes or Kos.
To highlight the uniqueness and the wide range of experiences that the South Aegean islands offer to their visitors and to strengthen their position in the international tourism industry, the region has developped a tourism campaign named Aegean Islands. Like No Other. TheAegean Islands are the unparalleled image of the Aegean that is beyond every comparison and remains engraved in the mind of the visitor due to its exceptional beauty and the feelings it creates. The “Like No Other” campaign creatively captures all the above and confirms that the South Aegean islands are incomparable.

Their creative tourism offer includes unique events, such as festivals, marathons festivities and other, to enhance the participation of the travelers and the interaction with local community, and an active use of social media  to give the opportunity for travelers to share their unique experiences in South Aegean Islands. For example, the digital activation “share the sunshine”, gives the opportunity to users to select or upload photos picturing the Greek sunshine of a destination in South Aegean Islands, tag a creative message and share it to win a trip!


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