Welcome to Loulé, Creative Friendly Destination in the Algarve!

Welcome to Loulé, Creative Friendly Destination in the Algarve!

This charming portuguese town, ideally situated in the Algarve, between ocean and mountains, has just joined the Creative Tourism Network®!

In addition to its awesome landscapes and warm climate, it owns a rich intangible heritage and authentic experiences to be shared with those new travellers.

Also known as the land of the crafts, Loulé and its precious surroundings, have a strong tradition in printing, pottery, shoemaking, metalwork, basketry, among others.

Thus, the Council wants to offer those tourists the opportunity to discover the culture and traditions of Loulé by participating in creative activities with the locals.

This also contributes to revitalize those traditions and know-how, thanks to the support given in terms of training, building and art studios improvement, art residencies, cultural programs and tourism experiences.

Many local actors, including artists, artisans, shops, companies, cultural institutions, among others, are already actively involved in this initiative, whose pioneering opening activity Loulé Criativo – was very successful!