With the growing international demand for training in creative tourism management, the Creative Tourism Network® has created the International Institute of Creative Tourism – a pioneering program which aims to develop training adapted to this emerging sector, complemented by consultancy and monitoring services.

The development of creative tourism, together with other niches, is accelerating the paradigm shift in the industry, posing new challenges for the professionals compelled to design experiences that, not only have to be profitable and meet  industry standards, but to fit new expectations in terms of authenticity and creativity.

In addition, this new demand and the democratization of technologies have brought new suppliers from the art and craft sectors to the market who have to tailor their offers to the tourism industry requirements.

The best means to build bridges between the cultural, creative and tourism sectors agents and to consolidate this new segment is undoubtedly training. In particular, practical training that enables participants to create their own business or to position their destination in this new market.

This is precisely the aim of the Institute of Creative Tourism, which will offer a wide selection of courses and seminars given by an international panel of experts, academics and practitioners, headed by Professor Greg Richards, co-originator of the Creative Tourism concept. These courses are tailored to the needs of each participant, whether they are a private entrepreneur, a university, a tourist office, among others, from all over the world.

The training can be run in the participants’ destinations and completed by a study tour in Barcelona or other destinations members of the Creative Tourism Network®, in order to learn from existing initiatives.

The training includes a personalized assistance  and  the promotion of the participant’s projects.


ABOUT CONTENTS: Possible issues (based on real cases)

o             What’s the creative tourism?

o             About its evolution and current features.

o             Case studies of creative tourism management by private and public entities.

o             Creative tourism & branding.

o             How can I launch my own creative tourism program?

o             Design and production of creative tourism experiences.

o             How to generate incomes from the creative tourism?

o             Who are the creative tourists? How can I reach them?

o             Communication tools adapted to the creative tourism.

o             Networking


ABOUT THE FORM: Example of a minimum 3-day-Program:

o             Previous study of the destination / project potential (in situ & at distance).

o             Conference on the creative tourism general concept.

o             Practical workshops with the local entities:

(hotels, inbound agencies, craftmen, artists, cultural associations, festivals managers, etc.).

o             Monitoring of your own project from A to Z.


More info: info@www.creativetourismnetwork.org