The Creative Tourism Network® (CTN) had the honor and the pleasure to participate in the 2d International Forum on Creative City under the theme ”Creative Tourism and Cultural Industry in Creative City”, held last November 17th in the City of Jinju (South Korea), organized by the Executive Committee for the candidacy to UNESCO Creative City Network (UCCN) chaired by Professor Byung-Hoon Jeong, the Municipality of Jinju City and Jinju Culture Research Institute.

By applying for the UCCN at Crafts and Folk Arts field, the City of Jinju aims to share best practices, to develop partnerships with other cities that promote creativity and the cultural industries, to strengthen participation in cultural life, and to integrate cultures in urban development.

And it is precisely what they successfully achieved in this high-level conference that gathered more than one hundred of experts and professionals in urban design, cultural policies and sustainable tourism among others, who all highlighted Jinju’s potential to distinguish itself for all these aspects, in addition to its original cultural assets.

The efficient organization and the relevance of the contents enabled to draw general strategies as well as to discuss the most practical aspects of the implementation of such programs.

In addition to her presentation as a keynote, the director of Creative Tourism Network®, Caroline Couret, participated in a wide array of creative activities reflecting Jinju’s rich heritage and the dynamism of its associative sector.

The inhabitants’ exceptional friendliness and their personal involvement are undoubtedly another added value of this local communities-based project.

For these good reasons, the Creative Tourism Network® had the pleasure to reward the City of Jinju as a Creative Friendly Destination® and to welcome it among this network of destinations from all over the world that are betting on art and creativity to generate a value chain which benefits to both residents and foreign travelers, while promoting the cultural heritage. The recognition was delivered to Mr. Noh, Sang Tai, Director of Culture and Arts Division of Jinju City.

From the Creative Tourism Network® we would like to seize this opportunity to express our gratitude to the Executive Committee for their so warm welcome as well as to congratulate them for their excellent work.