Anduze, France

Anduze ville créative

Anduze, the Gateway to the Cevennes, is a place steeped in history and a strategic crossroads used by visitors for centuries.

Pottery is a very old activity in the region and the city is the capital of the famous Vase d’Anduze, renowned today throughout the world for its garlands and macaroons.


Here is an overview of the creative activities to discover:

  • Silk painting workshop
In a region renowned for its silk industry, this workshop will allow you to develop your creativity while rediscovering the world of silk and its know-how.
  • Cévennes cooking workshop
Discover and cook the recipes of our grandmothers, by elaborating your own dishes around local products such as the chestnut, the sweet onion.
  • Workshop “Pélardon”
Learn how to make your own Pélardon, the famous cheese of the Cevennes.
  • Traditional dances workshop
Learn the traditional dances of the Cevennes and participate in the dances of yesteryear!
  • Creative workshops at the Bambouseraie
Let yourself be inspired by the enchanting environment of the Bamboo Grove of Prafrance, and express your creativity through workshops in photography, painting, botany or music with exotic instruments!
  • Customize your Anduze Vase
Anduze vases are unique, and yours will be even more so. Let your creativity run wild by customizing your Anduze Vase.