November 2019

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  • Creative Tourism in Colombia

    The Creative Tourism Network® was honored to participate in the Cultural Tourism Meeting, which was held from November 13 to 15 in the Colombian city of Popayán (Cauca). The world leadership of Colombia in the area of Orange Economy was once again evidenced, both by the relevance of the reflections and examples presented and by […]

  • Valparaíso joins the Creative Tourism Network®

    The Municipality of Valparaíso, through its Tourism Department, has joined the CreativeTourismNetwork® to improve and diversify the arrival of tourists and more specifically out of season. By receiving the CreativeFriendly label, the city is positioning itself internationally in front of new generations of tourists, who are looking for unique experiences. The creative DNA of Valparaíso […]

  • Barcelos, new CreativeFriendlyDestination!

    The CreativeTourismNetwork® is very pleased to welcome the city of Barcelos (Portugal) as new destination certified “CreativeFriendly”. The Committee of the CreativeTourismNetwork® highlighted Barcelos’ rich heritage, know-how, and traditions, especially for what it concerns its crafts, folk art and gastronomy, as well as the engagement of the Municipality to use the creativity as a tool […]

  • Creative Tourism convinces the WTM

    A hundred professionals attended the conference organized by the Creative Tourism Network® within the World Travel Market – London last November 5th. For its 5th edition, the topic focused was “Is the creative tourism the new multi-tool of the tourist industry?” … And the answer was … “YES, definitely!” Such a paradigm reflects the fast […]

  • Painting workshop

    Valparaíso is an art gallery in itself! In addition to being an open-air museum and a word reference for street art, the city also gathers a high number of art studios! Artists from around the world feel inspired by its light and its soul! They invite any art enthusiast to share such emotions by participating […]

  • Felting workshop

    Have you ever imagine how magical is the felter? Valparaíso is THE place to experience it! Local artists and artisans organize workshops and activities through which you will have the opportunity to discover this “alive” material while creating your own pieces, merging tradition and contemporaneity!

  • Bread baking workshop

    Bread is one of the symbols of the city of Valparaíso, that has maintained the traditions over the centuries. Traditional recipes like the one of the typical “pan batido” (beaten bread) are today transmitted to locals and tourists through a wide array of workshops. Such authentic experiences are a must-do for foodies from around the […]

  • Recycled textile workshop

    As in many harbors, the textile is part of the history of Valparaíso. The inhabitant’s creativity turned it into a new artistic expression as well as a way to recycle and contribute to the care of the environment. Several artists and collectives propose workshops in which the participants can create their own pieces while learning […]

  • Engraving, serigraphy and lithography workshops

    Valparaíso is so photogenic that a good way to keep the best “souvenirs” always with you, is to “print” them! Many engraving, serigraphy and lithography workshops will enable you to learn such techniques and to create your own pieces. Is there a better gift for you and your friends than your own creations?

  • Photography workshop

    Valparaíso is a gift for any photo lover! At any time of the day, from any angle, the city is a source of emotions that has been shot by the most talented artists and is also a new field of experience for the creative tourists. Professional photographers and cineasts propose a wide array of workshops […]