“Loulé´s Designers” , creative residence

Held from September 10th to 24th, the creative residence “Loulé´s Designers” promoted the dialogue within traditional knowledge.
Three designers born in Loulé returned to their origins with a new vision, promoting the encounter with artisans and joining the universe of tradition and innovation in order to create products that have Loulé soul.
Continuing the path that the municipality of Loulé has been doing in order to grasp its heritage, arts and crafts, the residence rised as an opportunity to promote the dialogue between traditional knowledge and a more conceptual and contemporary thinking. The inland and its traditions have been the laboratory to create, think and share whith the local community.
The residence opened in the 10th September with the conference “About the future of craft traditions”. It gathered researchers, designers and institutions, to discuss strategies on how to combine craft traditions in the line of cultural and economic significance for contemporary society.
It had as guests Fernando Poeiras (Investigator and teacher of ESAD), Dália Paulo (Commissioner of the Programme to Support Arts in the Algarve) and Álbio Nascimento (Designer).
Between the 12th and 16th of September, walking classes and gatherings opened to everyone, explored different aspects of local heritage: “Medieval Loulé”, “Modern Loulé”, “Crafts in historical shops”, “Food from the earth” and “Transforming the earth”. These meetings have been streamlined by researchers, knowledgeable and passionate by local heritage that will brought insight and inspiration to the residence.
On 22nd september, Project TASA presented 12 new products that joined traditional crafts from the Algarve and design, made in the councils of Alcoutim, Silves and Loulé, which enabled a conversation with institutions, artisans and designers involved.
Finally, last 24th September, in the privileged public circuit of the Cerca of the Convento, took place a weaving circle, gathering artisans from the council of Loulé and all those eager to learn and try the different ways of managing the palm, an icon of the traditional crafts in this territory.
It was followed by a preliminary presentation of the experiments created in the first two weeks of the residence. The nine products born from the residence will be further developed and will be displayed in December. The purpose is that these products endear and increase the handcraft production in the council, bringing it to another level, where there is more probability of its continuation.The residence involves nine artisans of areas such as metal, palm, basketry, leather, wood, wool, pottery, a production of traditional pastry and three designers born in Loulé, which have developed their carriers all around the country and the world. Promoted by the Municipality of Loulé, with the trusteeship of Henrique Ralheta, it also has the support in the organization by Proactivetur/Projecto TASA.
Further information at :  www.loulecriativo.pt