Last September 16th, the director of the Creative Tourism Network®, Caroline Couret,  was invited to speak within the UNWTO Conference on “Marketing trends for digital tourists”, held in the city of Córdoba, Argentina.

She focused on the way TICs represent an essential tool for the destinations eager to foster the creative and experiential tourism.

The session was closed by the Minister of Tourism of Argentina, Gustavo Santos, the UNWTO Executive Director for Members Relations, Carlos Vogeler and the UNWTO.Themis Foundation Executive Director, Omar Valdez, the Subsecretary of Tourist Quality of the Minister, Gonzalo Casanova Ferro, the President of the Argentina Tourism Chamber, Óscar Guezzi, the President of Córdoba Tourism Agency, Julio Bañuelos, and the Subsecretary of Innovation and Technology of the Ministry, Pablo Casals.

 The conference concluded a six-days course organized by the UNWTO.Themis Foundation in which delegates from the whole Latin America could develop their knowledge and skills on digital marketing as they brilliantly demonstrated it in the strategic marketing plans they elaborate for destinations located in the Cordoba Province.