Recife | Brazil
Recife | Brazil

You might know the city of Recife for the sun and the sea, but this is just one small part of Recife. Under the boiling sun, people created the Frevo and the timeless ritual of the Maracatu. From the delicious bolo de rolo to the countless dances and festivals, Recife’s cultural heritage is rich and unique. We create, innovate, inspire, do, and do again.
Between rivers, bridges and roads, Recife lives between old mansions and a sea of new technology. Whether it’s about innovation, colour, rhythm, sound, flavour and expression, Recife is reinvention.

In Recife, you will find a world of creation and creativity: from the best museums in Latin America to the richest gastronomic heritage in the region, we hold a wide cultural heritage which we treasure and love. Between dancing workshops, carnivals, instruments playing workshops and cooking classes, everyone will find beauty in the local culture and its artistic neighbourhoods.

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