July 2014

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  • First Canadian municipality adheres to the Network!

    WELCOME to Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, new member of the Creative Tourism Network®. It became the first municipality in Canada and the second in North America to carry the colors of creative tourism. Currently in process, this  project will be officially presented in early 2015. A great creative adventure to be followed! … under the sign of the […]

  • Welcome to Loulé, Creative Friendly Destination in the Algarve!

    Welcome to Loulé, Creative Friendly Destination in the Algarve! This charming portuguese town, ideally situated in the Algarve, between ocean and mountains, has just joined the Creative Tourism Network®! In addition to its awesome landscapes and warm climate, it owns a rich intangible heritage and authentic experiences to be shared with those new travellers. Also […]

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    Creative tourism or the future of cultural tourism

    Article published by ACCOR.   Also available in French. Travel trends’ What if travel was also a great opportunity to develop your creative potential? This month, our “Travel Trends” column takes a look at creative tourism, a concept that is attracting a growing number of enthusiasts… Read the article