Tuscany, the land of universal geniuses, the model for the budding artists during “the Grand Tour” and a haven for contemporary artists, is now as well a Creative Friendly Destination for the new generation of tourists, eager to discover the local culture by participating in authentic and creative activities.

This recognition was announced last December 3rd within the Buy Tourism Online congress (BTO) in Firenze, in a session about creative tourism, given by Caroline Couret, co-founder of the Creative Tourism Network®.

Tuscany joins this way destinations like Barcelona, Porto Alegre, the Portuguese Algarve, Quebec and Japan, among others, that are strategically positioning themselves in this increasing sector.

As Couret pointed out, “among the destinations worldwide that have a potential to develop the creative tourism, the key element is the leadership and hability of the local government to create value around this new demand. In this sense, the involvement and expertise of Mr. Alberto Peruzzini, Tourism Director of Toscana Promozione has been essential to consider a project which goes beyond the mere creation of tourist products”.

The project’s added value also relies on the synergies generated by the public-private partnerships and the opportunities it creates in terms of entrepreneurship and skills improvement . Toscana Promozione will thus work hand-in-hand with local operators and stakeholders, to develop innovative and sustainable offers.

Mrs Leila Pruneti, from Toscana Promozione received the trophy of Tuscany, Creative Friendly Destination® from Caroline Couret  who expressed the honor it represents for the Creative Tourism Network®, to welcome such an iconic region.

The project will be launched at the beginning of 2016 and it augurs very well!

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