La Tavola Marche (Italy)

La Tavola Marche (Italy)

How would you introduce la Tavola Marche ?

Farm, inn & cooking school – If you are willing to muddy your feet, we’ll guide you off the beaten path where you will see Italy at its roots.  We combine searching for the best seasonal local ingredients, hands-on cooking classes, and the conviviality of the table to help you connect with the people through their food, culture, and land.

Which creative experiences define you the best ?

Our Forage, Slaughter & Butcher Workshop – which really gives the traveller/guest an opportunity to have a much deeper connection to their food and where it comes from. We ask our brave guests to forage for wild edibles, butcher a chicken and slaughter a whole hog – and then we eat! These are the animals that we have raised with love and take great pride in sharing this experience with our guests.  We have also recently started a vlog – online video blog of our life at our farm & cooking school called VLOG from ITALY and I think it’s a great way to share with others what we are doing in hopes they will come and visit but also for those that may not have the chance to travel – we want to share this life and experiences with them as well!


What is the added-value of your project in terms of innovation and authenticity ?

I can’t think of any other cooking school in Italy that is offering courses like this.  

Would you like to add something ?

Just that I am extremely proud to be included with the other winners and the work they do. It inspires me to continue being creative with our efforts of sustainable tourism.

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