Rupanjana De is by education an Economist and Lawyer and by profession a Practising Company Secretary whose office hours are consumed up in legal and secretarial compliances, litigations and consultation. At heart she is an avid writer, a passionate traveller and a food enthusiast. So when she gets those much awaited breaks, she does not think twice before escaping from the hustle and bustle of city life to take refuge in the lap of nature in faraway lands. Her passion for writing, travelling and photography resulted in the birth of Touriosity Travelmag, the first of its kind theme-based creative travel magazine in India, and perhaps globally too. She is the Editor of the magazine and ensures that with each issue the door to a new world is opened to readers. With her unique thinking she has been able to steer the publication across 5 successful years and looks forward to the future with much optimism. Further information on

Is creative tourism a good way to discover India?  

India is a land of diversity – in cultures, languages, cuisines, ethnic features, lifestyles, art and crafts, dance and music and so on. A tourist looking for creative tourism cannot have enough of this country even in a lifetime, just like Indians themselves keep celebrating  this diversity and cultural wealth all their lives and are yet not able to complete seeing all that in a lifetime. India is indeed a delight for creative tourists.

Any area in concrete? 

Dance and music workshops, painting and art and craft, sculpture, cooking, yoga, ayurveda, tie and dye workshops, musical instruments… the possibilities are endless and scattered on locations across India.

Are the Indian travelers interested in this kind of experiences abroad? 

Yes, very much. But only the ones who wish to splurge.

In some field or part of the world more specifically? 

Cannot be generalized. Anything that appeals to the senses would attract Indian tourists abroad.

More generally, what’s the aim and specificity of Touriosity TravelMag? 

The idea of Touriosity TravelMag is to bring real travel stories and experiences to readers and travelers who value them for the content and not for glitz and glamour. The magazine promotes creative tourism by making readers aware about the various types of themed tourism options available.