Photographic rally in Barcelona

This photography based activity leads you to some of Barcelona’s most famous sites as well as some off the beaten track. 

This two-hours route will give you the opportunity to discover “the other” Barcelona as well as to exert your talent and express your creativity assessed by a renown professional photographer.

An original, dynamic and challenging teambuilding activity that gets you and your colleagues out into the heart of the city working together to follow a trail of photographic clues that will lead you across the city centre in a race to the finish.

Each team gets:

– A series of photographic clues (pictures of famous landmarks in the city centre
  A camera
  A map outlining the area of the city where the clues can be found as well indicating the start and the finish point of the activity. 

The photographic clues are photographs of the city’s landmarks and are in a specific order which is different for each group. In a race to the finish, teams must find the landmarks represented and recognizably replicate the  photographic clues in the correct order, using the cameras provided.

As well as providing the cameras, the photographic clues and maps, we also provide a professional photographer to photograph the activity in progress.

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