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Authentic heritage: 

As the capital, Nicosia is a sophisticated and cosmopolitan city, rich in history and culture that combines its historic past with the amenities of a modern city.

Nicosia hosted over time the various art forms that had been cultivated across the island. Particularly goldsmithing, silversmithing, and ceramics were flourishing in the Ledra Kingdom.

Today, the Cyprus handicraft Center located in Nicosia takes care of keeping alive old art techniques. It should be mentioned that Byzantine art forms, like byzantine music and hagiography, had significant growth in Nicosia.


Creative clusters: 

Nicosia has established itself as the island’s cultural and financial capital and key international business center.

Key initiatives have been taken by the Nicosia Tourism Board aiming to boost and strengthen the local creative sector.

“Ngage Culture & Creativity” is a sub-brand that has been developed to highlight the cultural and creative assets of Nicosia such as creative enterprises, museums, galleries, artist-run spaces, etc., and at the same time to brand the city as a cultural and creative destination.

Nicosia hosts an incredible art scene. In recent years, an exceptional yeast of young, creative, and passionate artists has emerged and introduced to the public establishing the city’s contemporary cultural and creative scene.

Design, fashion, crafts, performing arts, music, video, publishing are some of the main productive pillars. An essential element for the ongoing growth is the team working spirit and the multidisciplinary approach governing cultural initiatives.

Indeed, over the past years, Nicosia has been the home of many cultural and creative entities.

The existence of the universities along with particular municipal policies has essentially contributed towards the rise and establishment of creative associations.

An extremely important policy by the Nicosia municipality was the provision of municipal venues to artists, within the city center with the condition of being managed by an artistic cluster, association or entity instead of individual artists.

Following this, Nicosia Municipality design on its Master Plan, a strategic importance project, the “Capital’s Creative Business Quarter” by which many abandoned venues are been restored to be given to artists and creative entities. The Cyprus Chamber of Fine Art (EKATE), the Director Guild of Cyprus, the Visual Artists Associations, and Art theorist AssociationsPhytorio are associations located in the city center.

An extremely important organization located in Nicosia is the CyENS Centre of Excellences (The Research and Innovation Centre on Interactive Media, Smart System, and Emerging Technologies).

The project is jointly supported by the European Commission and various Cypriot state and academic organizations with the mission of producing world-class research that drives creativity and innovation. Part of the center is the Maker Space located within the old city as well, which is a multi-functional creative space open to the public.

Art Seen is another organization worth noting which is operating as a cultural platform of exchange in contemporary art.

Finally, yet importantly, is the Nicosia Municipal Arts Center (NiMAC) located as well in the old city, at the old powerhouse, and awarded by Europa Nostra building, where creative artists organize several workshops and exhibitions. Most important is that NiMAC is the organization in charge of the Pop Up Festival as well as of the “Theatro Polis” an experimental theatre and performing arts space.

The University of Cyprus, University of Nicosia, European University, Frederick University, the Cyprus Institute, The Higher Hotel Institute of Cyprus, and plenty of other organizations, research centers, arts schools, and colleges play a significant role in continually enriching the creative sector in Nicosia with fresh artists and new ideas. Nicosia has over 10 universities and colleagues and numerous art schools and hosts over 30.000 students.





Creative Tourism Workshops: 

Currently, NTB is developing a platform particularly focus on the promotion of creative workshops offered in Nicosia. The workshops available could be found here.



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