We all know Ibiza for its beautiful beaches, its vibrant summer music scene and its party community. Rarely, if ever, do we hear about its daily life, its culture, or its heritage. And yet, this beautiful city has everything a creative tourist might look for: imagination, a real connection to nature, and a rediscovery of local heritage. Indeed, Ibiza has a lively art scene, where artists and craftsmen shine through their originality. If you plan on going to Ibiza for a few days,  you might want to leave the beach for an afternoon and discover Ibiza’s true colours, its craft, and its impressive intangible heritage.

Craft beverages

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Mix several herbs to create your unique liqueur – who knew lavender could give alcohol such a sweet taste?

Beyond the renowned beaches of Ibiza lie impressive, green cliffs, on which craftsmen find natural materials and inspiration: you will find that most crafts are highly inspired by the Ibicencos’ close environment, and it’s precisely what they will show you during their various workshops: do not just taste the Hierbas liqueur, an alcohol that’s typical from the island, but make your own, according to your own taste and preferences, with diverse aromatic plants. While doing that, learn about the herbs that compose it, how to find them, and the very particular process with which the Hierbas liqueur is distilled. You can also enjoy the local culture while contributing to it by become a farmer for a day: bake ecological farmhouse bread, with a special recipe only known by Ibicencos, or get to know more about local gastronomy by making the infamous Ibizan goat cheese, which is known for its distinct and flavorous taste.

Tourists who are interested in beer brewing can also take part in the making of their own artisanal beer: neophytes and connoisseurs alike are welcome to craft their beer in the only beer brewery on the island. Other culinary delicacies, like the Ibizan flan, are available for all to bake and cook, and they’re entirely made with local products and family recipes. For nature lovers, locals will be happy to tell you more about beekeeping during a 1h30-long workshop with theoretical knowledge, honey tasting, and a hands-on experience in a hive.

Arts and crafts

Forgot your luggage and your favourite espadrilles? Ibiza has got you covered.
Forgot your luggage and your favourite espadrilles? Ibiza has got you covered.

Arts and crafts also have a place of choice in the heart of Ibicencos. From home decoration to jewellery, creativity and handmade crafts are found at every corner of the city, and these workshops are the perfect occasion for you to get to know the local culture. If you think you could give your house an Ibizan touch to it, let yourself get carried by the culture and its typical crafts: several workshops oh the island will teach you how to make atrapasueños, or dreamcatchers, with the colours of your picking, and explain to you where these mysterious woven hoops come from and the meaning there is behind every pearl you choose to decorate it with. You can also adorn your body with a touch of the island’s culture: many workshops propose to teach you several jewellerytechniques, and put them to use by creating a pendant, a ring, or a decorative keychain made of clay, metal and semi-precious stones.

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Clothes, accessories, bags – Ibiza has developed an impressive panel of creative workshops.

If you wish to be even more part of the local life, it is also possible for you to dress entirely like an Ibicencos with clothes that you made yourself: from your espardenyes (espadrilles) to your woven bag (and don’t forget your handmade and hand painted cotton fan!), get a complete revamp based on traditional clothes from the island, tailored to your style and your desires.



 Modern arts

From DJ classes to musical theatre workshops, Ibiza has everything in terms of modern arts.

However, Ibiza would not be the same without its part of modernity, and it would not be as lively without its vibrant and dazzling art scene. If you want to be a part of the festivals and be on stage while also respecting sustainable tourism, then buckle up: Ibiza’s got you covered. The city offers you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a DJ and perform your own concert at the end of your training. This class is designed to teach you the whole process behind the creation of a song and let your create your own pieces. Inspired singers and actors also have the chance to make their dreams come true: extensive musical theatre classes are open to all and let you make your dream of starring in a world-renowned musical comedy come true. Circus classes will teach you all about aerials, acrobatics and juggling and make you the star of your own cabaret.


It’s fascinating to see how the city of Ibiza manages to promote its current culture and make it more respectful of the environment, while also giving more value to its intangible heritage and traditions. Rarely do you see two cultures create such a perfect synergy in one place, and yet Ibiza makes this challenge an integral part of its identity. Whether passionate about classic arts and crafts, or modern-day comedy theatre, Ibiza has made itself the place-to-be for every kind of tourist.


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– Article by Anaïs FLEURY for the Creative Tourism Network®.