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Go on a stone hunt on the beaches of the Island to make your own masterpiece! Polish and make your
Biot-Photographic Creative Experience
During three days, pass from being a beginner in photography, to publish your own photobook and inaugurate your own exhibition!
At the Musée de l’Île d’Entrée, watch and learn how a typical Entry Island lobster trap is made. This fun
With the postcard workshop, create unique and personalized travel souvenirs. A pattern of woolen yarns of different colors gives shape
Trás-Os-Montes is a region with many traditions and ancients beliefs. During one of its festivals, inhabitants wear colorful costumes and
Merit Creation in Thailand - Creative Activity
You want to experience a unique activity in Thailand? Try the Merit Making Workshop of Tung Ka King and get
You may have been attracted by their wonderful seashores and unique landscapes, but you will definitely stay for their tasty
A few years ago, Loulé was a land of potters, a trade with knowledge and ancestral techniques. Enjoy an activity
Come to Mosaiccos and initiate yourself to the “Trencadís” method of Gaudí. You will have the opportunity to experiment this Catalan colorful art with
Can you sing, dance and play comedy? If you want to feel like the main actor of Mamma Mia on
Did you know that there are hundreds of species of oil? Would you be able to differentiate them? This workshop
  One of the best ways to appreciate the beauty of the Tuscany countryside is by painting it ! Just
Pambiliño Reserve & Educational Farm is an Independent Conservation Project, and a space where nature itself teaches the forgotten knowledge
Interpret a concert at the Catalan Music Palace, one of the most emblematic places of the city. You are not
Perro Sur Valparaiso
Perro Sur is a collaborative work space that provides theoretical and practical workshops in graphic arts and crafts such as:
This photography based activity leads you to some of Barcelona’s most famous sites as well as some off the beaten
Portuguese people, its expressiveness and mourish roots are the bases of this activity. Vítor Pina, a rewarded photograph, proposes a
The Arví Park is a natural reserve of 1,700 hectares located 30 minutes from the center of the city. In
If you are born with a soul of a poet, you will feel inspired by Urla’s famous writers and poets.
Immersed in the artisans' studio, you will experience the different stages of making pottery, from raw material to your own
Quincha Quintil
Live the experience as an urban Diaguita! Quincha Quintil is a Diaguita pottery workshop that aims to promote ancestral practices
Show d'boucane invites you to create your own piece of raku ceramics, be inspired by the magic scenery and feel proud
Following a session of ritual Sefardí at the hairdresser is now possible! Go to Bereshit in Lucena to discover this